New York Times - Mar 7 2019

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Clues Answers
'Ain't that the truth!' AMEN
'Does this seem fine to you?' ISITOK
'Hands in the air!' ... or a literal hint to 17-, 23-, 37- and 46-Across STICKEMUP
'Heroides' poet OVID
'Nervous' sort NELLY
'Show the world what you've got!' KNOCKEDEAD
'Sick, dude!' RAD
'Some jerk he is!' WHATATOOL
'Why ___?' NOT
'___ a long story' ITS
15-time N.B.A. All-Star Duncan TIM
1968 Clint Eastwood western with six nooses on its poster HANGEHIGH
1970s-'80s cause, for short ERA
91, in old Rome XCI
Be all thumbs? TEXT
Benjamin CNOTE
Best ___ ACTOR
Bolting down, say EATING
Cha cha slide, e.g LINEDANCE
Champagne specification BRUT
Cheeky SASSY
Cheer at a Texas football game HOOKEHORNS
Chemical variation ISOMER
Classic Scottish breakfast item OATCAKE
Cleaner brand with the slogan 'Hasn't scratched yet!' BONAMI
Clothing item with hooks BRA
Combine ALLOY
Company that merged with Heinz in 2015 KRAFT
Cosine of 0 ONE
Counterfeiter trackers, in old lingo TMEN
Danglers from rear-view mirrors DICE
Dead spot TOMB
Dillydallier SLOTH
Emcee's need MIKE
Enemy agency in 'Get Smart' KAOS
Eponymous hypnotist MESMER
Clues Answers
Exclamation usually made in a high voice TADA
Fall color OCHER
Forest hatchling OWLET
German cry ACH
Get ready for a Mr. Universe contest, say OILUP
Halo and Gears of War XBOXGAMES
Highest peak in N.Z MTCOOK
Hit musical with the song 'Everything's Coming Up Roses' GYPSY
Home of Hells Canyon and Heavens Gate Lookout: Abbr IDA
It's hardly a Champagne cooler ETE
Kitchen utensil brand CUTCO
Lang. of 16-Across ENG
Like computer data, with 'in' TYPED
Like computer data, with 'in' KEYED
London ___ FOG
Madre's hermano TIO
Much-trapped animal in wilderness America OTTER
N.Y.S.E. and Nasdaq: Abbr MKTS
Partner of recreation PARKS
PBS series since 1974 NOVA
Rob who directed 'This Is Spinal Tap' REINER
Root site SCALP
Shapes of many car air fresheners PINETREES
Short-term job GIG
Some long sentences RUNONS
Something much sold on St. Patrick's Day ALE
St. ___, only nation named for a woman LUCIA
Tall, slender wineglass FLUTE
Tanning fig SPF
This, that or the other ANY
Toy boxer in a classic two-player game ROCKESOCKEROBOT
Use for a bed LIEON
[Gulp!] UHOH
___ Terr. (geographical designation until 1889) DAK