Wall Street Journal - Mar 7 2019 - The Birds and the Bees

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Clues Answers
'Dirty Deeds Done Dirt Cheap' band ACDC
'The most precious resource we all have,' according to Steve Jobs TIME
'To Kill a Mockingbird' narrator SCOUT
'What did I tell you?' SEE
Alternative to a snake DRANO
Arctic air quality NIP
Bach composition CHORALE
Bali product BRA
Bargain show, perhaps MATINEE
Barrio outsider ANGLO
Beside ALONG
Brother of Adam and Little Joe HOSS
Bucolic RURAL
Burrell and Pennington TYS
Came across as SEEMED
Cathedral city near Cambridge ELY
Census form choice SINGLE
Charmer CUTIE
Congenial Canadien AMI
Conservative columnist Ben SHAPIRO
Consumed DINEDON
Corp. milestone IPO
Dark mark BLOT
Diamond experts UMPS
Encumbered LADEN
English, e.g SPIN
Escapade ANTIC
ESPN ___ (some sportscasts since 2006) ONABC
Essen exclamation ACH
Far from firm LAX
Flashy jewelry worn on the red carpet? STARBLING
Floor covering for a wide hallway? BROADRUNNER
Knife thrower's need AIM
Lab subj SCI
Lawless character XENA
Leave speechless STUN
Lecture alternative SEMINAR
Like 'le monde' MASC
Like some paper and jackets UNLINED
Clues Answers
Luigi's love AMORE
Machinery sound WHIR
Mahershala of 'Green Book' ALI
Many a rush-hour commuter STANDEE
Mendacious LYING
Mob target RAT
New Year's game in a blizzard? SNOWYBOWL
Nobel, for one SWEDE
Nondairy milk source OAT
Objective END
One of Barack's appointees ELENA
One under 4.00 is good ERA
Order with simple capitals DORIC
Outperform BEST
Parish payments TITHES
Place for a flying start? NEST
Possible gentrification target SLUM
President Ueli Maurer's capital BERN
Prized church object RELIC
Question, say DOUBT
Radical change of plan UTURN
Room at the top? ATTIC
Sending hostile tweets to athlete Jackson? FLAMINGBO
Sheldon Cooper, e.g NERD
Silver grade FINE
Site of a 2011 civil war LIBYA
Some virus victims PCS
Store workers with guns PRICERS
Storm signs GUSTS
Sucker SAP
Sugar DEAR
They might have captains TEAMS
Vacant look STARE
Winnie-the-Pooh's mixing device? HONEYBEATER
Word with room or service TEA
X overseas CHI
Young chap LAD