USA Today - Apr 18 2019

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Clues Answers
'Dirty Dancing' dance MAMBO
'Tarzan' extras APES
'The Far Side' creator Gary LARSON
'This ___ hurt a bit' WONT
'Waterloo' quartet ABBA
2012 loser to Barack MITT
About 1/28 ounce GRAM
Add at the end TAGON
Andre with two U.S. Open wins AGASSI
Archie Bunker type RACIST
Bacall's love, informally BOGIE
Baseball bat wood ASH
BBQ chef's accessory (or what the last part of 20-Across or 2- or 31-Down can be) FIRESTARTER
Billing unit, often HOUR
Blow, like Vesuvius ERUPT
Bourbon Street locale, informally NOLA
Brushed-on layer COAT
Checked before serving CARDED
Cook in a pan, perhaps SEAR
Corp. bigwig EXEC
Currier cohort IVES
Day-___ orange GLO
Depth unit FATHOM
Descartes conclusion word ERGO
Disruptive brat TERROR
Dumbbell material IRON
Easy gait TROT
Elder Smurf PAPA
Enjoy a page-turner READ
Estimate phrase ORSO
Far from sociable COOL
Fills up on EATS
Fleischer of Fox News ARI
Flock response AMEN
Floppy drive insert DISK
Handoff recipient, often RUNNINGBACK
Hardly original NOTNEW
Has a sample of TASTES
Holiday lead-ins EVES
Clues Answers
Husking unit EAR
In a muddle ATSEA
Incriminating evidence SMOKINGGUN
India's second-largest city DELHI
Insult, slangily SLAM
Lacking a key ATONAL
Lad from Leeds BRIT
Late comics icon Lee STAN
Left jab follower, often RIGHTCROSS
Lends support to AIDS
Loosened, as laces UNDID
Mary Lou of the 1984 Olympics RETTON
Mississippi formation DELTA
Motel freebie ICE
Mountainous formation MASSIF
New Zealand language MAORI
Not worth debating MOOT
Oxidized 57-Down RUST
Pie chart segment SLICE
Placed in order SORTED
Put pedal to metal SPED
Raring to go EAGER
Reed section member OBOE
Reservoir structure DAM
Rioter's booty LOOT
Salon style option SHAG
Self-assembly retail chain IKEA
Sphere of study AREA
Teeny bit IOTA
Totally senseless INANE
Un-PC letter starter SIRS
Unite on the fly ELOPE
Urban fleet unit TAXI
Watch part FACE
Wild guess STAB
Wine's partner DINE
Word before leader or loser BORN
World-weary BLASE
Wraps up ENDS