The Washington Post Sunday - Mar 3 2019

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Clues Answers
'All ___ being equal ...' ELSE
'Anymore' singer Tritt TRAVIS
'Beat it, varmint!' GIT
'Dear ___ Hansen' EVAN
'Frozen Fever' queen ELSA
'I Will Follow' director DuVernay AVA
'Lady Bird' director Gerwig GRETA
'Stardust' singer Tormé MEL
'The Handmaid's Tale' author Atwood MARGARET
'You've got a deal!' SOLD
'___ does that work?' HOW
45 tune, perhaps OLDIE
Absorb, with 'up' SOP
According to PER
Activists' handouts LEAFLETS
Actors without subtlety HAMS
Affirmative that's an anagram of 76 Down AYE
Affirmative that's an anagram of 89 Down YEA
Air breaks? ADS
Alan Cumming's role on 'The Good Wife' ELI
Alternative theme song to 'Alias'? (the Ting Tings) THATSNOTMYNAME
Alternative theme song to 'Band of Brothers'? (Sister Sledge) WEAREFAMILY
Alternative theme song to 'Bewitched'? (Screamin' Jay Hawkins) IPUTASPELLONYOU
Alternative theme song to 'Cosmos'? (the Beastie Boys) INTERGALACTIC
Alternative theme song to 'Parenthood'? (Guns N' Roses) SWEETCHILDOMINE
Alternative theme song to 'Survivor'? (the Bee Gees) STAYINALIVE
Alternative theme song to 'The Fugitive'? (REO Speedwagon) TAKEITONTHERUN
Alternative theme song to 'Wings'? (Frank Sinatra) COMEFLYWITHME
Be a victorious braggart GLOAT
Be dependent (on) RELY
Become enraged LOSEIT
Bibliography abbr IBID
Brand whose website could ask users to accept cookies, aptly OREO
Burn superficially SINGE
Camera movement PAN
Car and Driver owner HEARST
Certain transition from a black screen FADEIN
Change shape? CIRCLE
Chicago mayor Emanuel RAHM
Colorful, close-fitting hat BEANIE
Commonplace USUAL
Complain chronically NAG
Connection at Frankfurt Airport? UND
Dental X-ray image MOLAR
Dipper in an Instant Pot LADLE
Dog captured by winged monkeys TOTO
Emerald Isle, to poets EIRE
Emit light, in a way LASE
Festive period YULE
Film whose first spoken word is 'Mozart!' AMADEUS
Freshen up, as in a tub BATHE
FSU athlete, or SpaceX CEO Musk in reverse NOLE
Gaping mouths MAWS
Geographic collection ATLAS
Give anesthesia to, say SEDATE
Gob stopper? AVAST
Hand over, as cash SPEND
Harpsichord pieces KEYS
He has many hands and a prosthetic leg AHAB
Home of Demosthenes ATHENS
Inside info DOPE
Irrigation tool HOSE
JFK, for Delta Air Lines HUB
Kidman of 'The Others' NICOLE
Lady's title, perhaps MRS
Lament while expecting to be grounded IMDEAD
Legitimate REAL
Like a disciplinarian STRICT
Like many of the references in the book 'Ready Player One' RETRO
Load-bearing device? WASHER
Loose ___ ENDS
Mark in the low 60s DMINUS
Clues Answers
Mass individual PRIEST
Max who delivered belts BAER
Merit, as pay EARN
Metallic food container TINCAN
Miss Havisham's adopted daughter in 'Great Expectations' ESTELLA
Move on a white blanket SKI
Multimedia file format whose first two letters refer to media formats AVI
No. on an application GPA
Not as demanding LAXER
Number of dots in a tetractys TEN
Off-road ride, briefly ATV
One of Minnie's sons HARPO
One of the Midwest's Quad Cities MOLINE
Onomatopoeic snatching sound often uttered on 'The Simpsons' YOINK
Open-chain hydrocarbon ALKANE
Partially ABIT
Pasta possibility PENNE
Pastureland parcel ACRE
People of the Arctic INUIT
Pharaoh resurrected in a 1989 Anne Rice book RAMSES
Picayune things to pick NITS
Picks up, as info HEARS
Place chips on the table BET
Pooch living in 2062 ASTRO
Pound sound YAP
Produce, as graffiti SPRAY
Promulgate, as distrust SOW
Purchases at bakeries or liquor stores RYES
Quantum physics focus ATOM
Quartet for Vishnu ARMS
Repair, as relations PATCHUP
Ride, so to speak TEASE
Rocker Lofgren NILS
Royal successor HEIR
Ruth with 714 homers BABE
San Francisco pro NINER
Scallion's relative LEEK
Schooner pair, maybe MASTS
Seating section with special requirements EXITROW
Sectors AREAS
See 28 Across TIMOR
See 5 Down PIE
Serenity EASE
Share state secrets, say LEAK
She resurrected Osiris ISIS
Sign of a late July birth LEO
Site of ancient combat ARENA
Social spot with steins BEERGARDEN
Spirit of a culture ETHOS
Stiffly neat PRIM
Story opener? ALIBABA
Stuff in a vein ORE
Sun-Times rival TRIBUNE
Surgery spots, briefly ORS
Tailless jungle beast APE
They hold contacts and lenses CELLPHONES
Things built by cranes NESTS
Thurman of 'Gattaca' UMA
Traps, as at a chalet ICESIN
U.S. soccer star Alex MORGAN
Vessel tracking device RADAR
Wails like a banshee KEENS
Ward off AVERT
With 119 Down, nutty Thanksgiving dish PECAN
With 70 Across, U.N. member since 2002 EAST
Working hard ATIT
Xbox locale, at times DEN
Zoomed along SPED
[How amusing] TEEHEE
___ female ALPHA
___ Island STATEN
___ out (scolds) REAMS