- Mar 2 2019

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Clues Answers
''Don't watch TV . . . Play it!'' advertiser ATARI
''Du lieber Himmel!'' ACH
''That's not very nice!'' HEY
''Thinks what ne'er was, __ is . . .'': Pope NOR
Accessories for 10 Across IRONONS
Adapted FIT
Agency offering Worker FAQs OSHA
Bambi, ultimately STAG
Beast that sounds like bucks DOE
Big name in Broadway production history SHUBERT
Buzzed RANG
Cape Cod's tip, essentially SPIT
Centre de Place Charles de Gaulle ARC
Day preceder or follower ONE
Delivery-room datum APGARSCORE
Denali Gold Tour handout PAN
Distant ice giant URANUS
Divers' emergency signals STROBES
Exclamation of contemplation HMM
Fall apart, perhaps ROT
Family Fun Mo AUG
Fellow at school, for short POSTDOC
Former CIA and Defense head PANETTA
Greatest SUPREME
Gym coach TRAINER
High point of the ''Bounty'' TOPMAST
Interns, for instance MDS
It's often on the house PAINT
John Wayne war film locale IWOJIMA
Legends in their own minds EGOISTS
Letters seen in fight articles TKO
Magic word TADA
Metaphor for inconsistency YOYO
Minute quantity ATOM
Mitigates SLAKES
Clues Answers
Most populous city in Western Asia TEHERAN
Need curing AIL
New mom in 2013 headlines KATE
Novel inspired by Cain and Abel EASTOFEDEN
Old-trunk artifacts TREESTUMPS
On a new trunk GRAFTED
Organic sealant TAR
PBS' Barney, e.g TREX
Person attending a ball SEER
Poke or mock JAB
Portrait on Claudius-era coins NERO
Priority sort TRIAGE
Punch line PAYOFF
Retailer in Chapter 11 SEARS
Seams right SEWS
Server with Speer, 1947-1966 HESS
Service members CUPS
Service members ARMY
Set up or get up RIG
Singular sensation IDOL
Sound of a flop THUD
State formally DECLARE
Stumpery clue for ''rise'' COURTORDER
Tops that don't spin TEES
Unfortunate SADBUTTRUE
Up in cost HIKE
Users of Breathe Right strips SNORERS
Vet installations IDCHIPS
Visual __ ARTS
Wharton work ETHANFROME
Where many a duck dwells TUB
Whitefish alternative LOX
Word from Greek for ''bottomless'' ABYSS
__ point DEW