The Sun - Two Speed - Mar 2 2019

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Clues Answers
American newsman exploited USED
Angry sea bandit losing head IRATE
Back one protecting others DEFENDER
Barbarian and wise man round V&A SAVAGE
Black insect in girly shirt BLOUSE
Bout of indulgence SPREE
Breathe out: breathe your last? EXPIRE
Castle in France CHATEAU
Casual shoe TRAINER
Cheat rebuilt a posh French house CHATEAU
Circle in ground is complete DISC
Circular plate DISC
Coach or aircraft simulator TRAINER
Come to an end EXPIRE
Comic-book protagonist SUPERHERO
Cover with blue carpet dress down
Discontinued fish in to be cooked OBSOLETE
Display cabinet SHOWCASE
Exciting situation DRAMA
Exhibit cow as she moves SHOWCASE
Female garment BLOUSE
Floor covering also covers fruit TOMATO
Furious IRATE
Gateway PORTAL
Clues Answers
Heavy goods vehicle LORRY
Hulk perhaps great given her love SUPERHERO
Left a student to find entrance PORTAL
Love apple TOMATO
Married or single ONE
Move hurriedly SCURRY
Not odd EVEN
Observe pair coming in for shopping binge SPREE
Photograph PICTURE
Pre-owned USED
React violently lash out
Reprimand dress down
Rush second Indian meal SCURRY
Sharp pull YANK
Shortened male name SID
Shot from right in terrible cup-tie PICTURE
Still all square EVEN
Tense as tinder explodes STRAINED
The French yell and wildly attack lash out
Tibetan animal carries North American YANK
Truck in Deal or Rye LORRY
Undivided ONE
Untamed SAVAGE
Vicious perhaps in seaside SID
Whisky taken before a show DRAMA