The Times - Cryptic - Times Quick Cryptic No 1298

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Clues Answers
A man from the Balkans secures British circus performer ACROBAT
A scam to snaffle farmer’s last fruit from tree ACORN
A type of grain I ditched in shock AMAZE
Argue about Northern Line, one not seen in the brightest light MOONLIT
Awful aching torment that needle points to magnetic north
Bound to return to US city for the Spanish food PAELLA
Clue “Seascape” with an anagram? It’s a potential way out escape clause
Country engaged in machinations? CHINA
Deduce no escaping from fire INFER
Elevated position in Mad Hatter’s prose STRATOSPHERE
Exclamation when probing handwriting — blooming shopkeeper! FLORIST
Family group’s beginning a racket CLANG
Clues Answers
Hit copper with repeated force CUFF
Keeping to oneself, sulk endlessly amidst dreadful rain INSULAR
Longing to thumb a lift in part of London? ITCH
Nothing overlooked in keeping yarn STRING
One sent out letters covered in beer APOSTLE
Risk needing a sling? chance ones arm
Sea creatures affected during island’s revolution SCAMPI
Search thoroughly for weapon RIFLE
Seriously inaccurate stories about artist making free LIBERAL
Someone getting a buzz from their hobby? APIARIST
Those people will collect old record for religious study THEOLOGY
Work on it ineptly for choice OPTION