The Washington Post - Feb 27 2019

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Clues Answers
'50s four-wheeled failure EDSEL
'Ducky' Mallard's alma mater, on 'NCIS' ETON
'Keep it __' REAL
'Walk This Way' rap trio RUNDMC
'Well, shoot' DRAT
'__ thought' ITSA
14-Across speaker CAESAR
Arcade pioneer ATARI
Arouse, as wrath INCUR
Basic French verb ETRE
Berlin's home: Abbr GER
Blue Jays' home: Abbr TOR
Cards checked at the door IDS
Classic Fender guitar, for short STRAT
Curvy letter ESS
Daisy Ridley's 'The Last Jedi' role REY
Famous final question ETTU
Flat-bottomed vessel SCOW
Fluffy-eared 'bear' KOALA
Formally accuse of wrongdoing PRESSCHARGES
French word in bios NEE
Game played on a floor or table, and a hint to this puzzle's circled letters SHUFFLEBOARD
Gig gear AMP
Giggle TEHEE
Give a political speech ORATE
Go underground HIDE
Good-for-nothing LOWLIFE
Hair-removal brand NAIR
Hospital bigwig CHIEFSURGEON
Kitchen counter? TIMER
Landlocked African nation MALI
Lessen EASE
Many a D.C. landmark MEMORIAL
Mimicked APED
Mini-maps INSETS
Modeling convenience KIT
Much of North Africa SAHARA
Nerdy sort DWEEB
Clues Answers
Noted bunny lover HEFNER
Nova __ SCOTIA
Old Russian ruler TSAR
On pins and needles ANTSY
Opposite of endo- ECTO
Passover feast SEDER
PC brain CPU
Perched on ATOP
Perform ACT
Place to unwind SPA
Prefix in juice names CRAN
Prefix with brewery MICRO
Provide job support for? ABET
Put-down SLUR
Rocker Frampton PETER
Scrubbing brand SOS
Self-assurance POISE
Showing mastery ADEPT
Skewered meat KABOB
Small lizard GECKO
Some trucks DIESELS
Sun Devils' sch ASU
Support people AIDES
Syst. for the hearing-impaired ASL
Tank fish TETRA
Technically flawed comic poetry DOGGEREL
Tends to the lawn MOWS
The North Pole, for Santa ADDRESS
Theta follower IOTA
Tip jar bill ONE
Tragic end SADFATE
Turkey bacon? LIRA
Tweak, as text EDIT
Unlike this ans ACR
Vintage ski lift TBAR
Wedding registry category CHINA
__ support TECH