USA Today - Apr 8 2019

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Clues Answers
'Daniel' singer John ELTON
'I'll have that too!' SAME
'Kemo sabe' speaker TONTO
'No contest' et al PLEAS
'No need to wake me' IMUP
'Without,' in typeface names SANS
1951 Brando shout STELLA
51-Down's subject, most likely ARAB
Academic bigwig DEAN
Aerial stunt LOOP
Air quality reducer SMOG
Bag closers TIES
Bargain store receptacle BIN
Be suitable for BEFIT
Beckinsale of 'Van Helsing' KATE
Belmont Park structure HORSESTABLE
Benchmark (Abbr.) STD
Black 58-Down EBONY
Block party invitee NEIGHBOR
Brokerage in a stock exchange MEMBERFIRM
Brother of Marie Osmond DONNY
C-clamp or T-square TOOL
C-SPAN figures, informally POLS
Cara of 'Fame' IRENE
Cart-hauling beasts OXEN
Churchill at Yalta WINSTON
Clue discoverer's shout AHA
Collector's achievement COMPLETESET
Credit card woe DEBT
Crush into a ball WADUP
David Bowie's widow IMAN
Disco light STROBE
Dog park sound ARF
Door frame upright JAMB
DuPont wool substitute ORLON
Dutch South African BOER
Either tip of Earth's axis POLE
Etsy's business ETAIL
Figure skater's leap AXEL
Clues Answers
Fred and Barney, e.g PALS
Gets it wrong ERRS
Grow fond of TAKETO
Ham holder RYE
Hide-hair separator NOR
In first place ONTOP
In-basket note MEMO
Is too inquisitive SNOOPS
Italian luxury label PRADA
Jay with a TV 'garage' LENO
Kuwaiti leader EMIR
Leather piercers AWLS
Long miniseries, e.g EPIC
Mary Kay competitor AVON
Mummy's place TOMB
Needing to chill out TENSE
New grandparent, typically DOTER
Ninja motorcycle maker KAWASAKI
Open, as a 54-Across UNSEAL
Petty gripes NITS
Pinocchio's makeup WOOD
Pre-Easter abstinence LENTENFAST
Pulls the plug on ENDS
Red-faced ASHAMED
Satisfied the munchies ATE
See 10-Down GAD
Separable snack item OREO
Small dress sizes PETITES
South-of-the-border snooze SIESTA
St. Nick's mo DEC
State unflinchingly AVOW
Supported by fact TRUE
Trudge through mud SLOSH
Try the patience of GETTO
With 41-Across, 'Frozen' voice actor JOSH
With attention to detail CLOSELY
Woodstock array AMPS
Word before cell or system SOLAR
___ Valley (Reagan library site) SIMI