USA Today - Apr 14 2019

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Clues Answers
'American' menu item APPLEPIE
'Back in MY day . . .' ONCE
'Dear old' fellow DAD
10-Across downloads APPS
16-Across, e.g PEST
36-Across registration fig VIN
Act badly, in a way EMOTE
Amazon's business ECOMMERCE
Apple Store buy IPAD
Apt to trickery SLY
Bacon hunks SLABS
Bar-clearing event POLEVAULT
Big name in kosher hot dogs HEBREWNATIONAL
Bit of mock fanfare TADA
Blond shade ASH
Bodycam wearer COP
Brady's team, briefly PATS
Brought home takeout, say ATEIN
Container in Warhol paintings CAN
Daisy Mae's man ABNER
Dallas Cowboys emblem STAR
Dance with a chair HORA
Deschanel of 'Bones' EMILY
Dosage container VIAL
Drove back REPULSED
Duke or earl PEER
Fluish feeling ACHE
Garden statuette GNOME
Garden-ruining critter MOLE
Gas found by home test kits RADON
Gel-yielding succulent ALOE
General Bradley of WWII OMAR
Give a benediction to BLESS
Guitar god, e.g IDOL
Hall's 'Maneater' singing partner OATES
Hokey humor CORN
Hoops great Odom LAMAR
Hot, as a news item TRENDING
Clues Answers
Houston of Texas SAM
In a big way ALOT
Intriguing group CABAL
It has no deficit BALANCEDBUDGET
Keen on, as a hobby INTO
Knight wear MAIL
Late hours, informally NITE
Like a 400-meter track LANED
Lot buy AUTO
Michelob brew ULTRA
Named time spans ERAS
Obsessed whaler of fiction AHAB
One on your side ALLY
Original sin site EDEN
Part of the U.K.'s military RAF
Porker's pad STY
Potpourri quality SCENT
Prevented from swelling, perhaps ICED
Prom buy DRESS
Put up with ABIDE
Quid pro quo deal SWAP
Really steamed SORE
Sailor, slangily GOB
Schreiber of 'Ray Donovan' LIEV
Shimmery fabrics LAMES
Some Pulitzer winners POETS
Stamp on a receipt PAID
Tag sale stipulation ASIS
Telegrapher's 'e' DIT
Teller of yarns LIAR
The Carolinas' Pee ___ River DEE
Tinker Bell prop WAND
Twice-monthly tide NEAP
U.S. coin introduced in 2000 SACAGAWEADOLLAR
Use a whetstone on HONE
Was in session SAT
Where MLB ballhawks play OUTFIELD
Word before quotes or guitar AIR
Zippo NADA