The New Yorker - Feb 25 2019

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Clues Answers
"Down ___" (Nine Inch Nails) INIT
"Gulf Coast Highway" singer Griffith NANCI
"Jolly well done!" GOODSHOW
"Stiller and ___" (sixties comedy duo) MEARA
"The growing good of the world is partly dependent on unhistoric acts" writer ELIOT
"The Time Machine" race ELOI
"We need to face facts ... " LETSBEHONEST
"Whatevs" MEH
"___ done yet?" AREWE
Athlete's woe (with "the") YIPS
Ballpark figures UMPIRES
Better OUTDO
Blew it ERRED
Calendario page ENERO
Certain succulents ALOES
Chastiser's sounds TSKS
Checks for prints DUSTS
Coach for the minors? SCHOOLBUS
Cold Adriatic wind BORA
Collar support STAY
Complied with MET
Concave cookers WOKS
Convinced SOLD
Court declaration PLEA
Cybercommerce ETAIL
Dysfunctional type HOTMESS
Eatery in a 1927 Hopper painting AUTOMAT
Equally rotund ASFAT
Everest expeditions ASCENTS
First Native American to win an Olympic gold medal for the United States THORPE
Fun and games, casually REC
Galileo's birthplace PISA
Gradually deplete EATINTO
Greek airport code, on an itinerary ATH
Hacker's creation VIRUS
Had lots to sell? AUCTIONED
Clues Answers
Harvest REAP
Head set? PERM
Home of the Dr Pepper Museum WACO
Hoover acquisition of 2013 ORECK
Impales GORES
Instagrammable food AVOCADOTOAST
Instagrammable salon job OMBRE
Leg, to a gumshoe GAM
Like Sukkot celebrants JEWISH
Lose one's amateur status GOPRO
Mexican business magnate Carlos Slim ___ HELU
Monets and Manets, e.g FRENCHART
NASA affirmative AOK
New York Philharmonic music director ___ van Zweden JAAP
Odyssey temptresses SIRENS
Ortiz of "Devious Maids" ANA
Pac-12 member USC
Pink Floyd's Syd BARRETT
Poppycock BALONEY
Pundit's piece OPED
Ran with ease LOPED
Rigg role on TV MRSPEEL
Signs on for another tour REUPS
Site of Pennsylvania's Bicentennial Tower ERIE
Slangy negative NOHOW
Slow, for Vivaldi LENTO
Sty sound SNORT
Sunni spiritual leader IMAM
Surfing handles, perhaps USERNAMES
The Rolling Stones' "greatest hits" album title GRRR
Their frontman filled in for Jerry Garcia on the Grateful Dead's 2015 reunion tour PHISH
Word with down or luck DUMB
You might get one for a song? GRAMMY
Zeus and Hades, e.g BROTHERS