- Feb 25 2019

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Clues Answers
''Coming soon'' ad, for short PROMO
''I want to see that'' SHOWME
''That hurts!'' OUCH
A bit wet DAMP
Adjust, as a piano TUNE
Adolescents TEENS
Aroma ODOR
Be patient for AWAIT
Bowling pathways LANES
Breakfast restaurant chain IHOP
Bronze or brass ALLOY
Cash advance LOAN
Choose, with ''for'' OPT
Cider fruits APPLES
Conceal HIDE
Country n. of Mexico USA
Courtroom pledges OATHS
Crimson and scarlet REDS
Day fractions: Abbr HRS
Desire granted by a genie WISH
Did laps in a pool SWAM
Donkeys ASSES
Early stage ONSET
Encountered MET
Fifth of a nickel CENT
Fill fully, as a gas tank TOPOFF
Forbidden things NONOS
Golf pegs TEES
Grand Ole __ (country-music venue) OPRY
Grandma NANA
Have a good cry WEEP
Have a snack NOSH
Heavy wind GALE
Hour after noon ONE
Intended MEANT
Japan's continent ASIA
Large antlered animals ELKS
Little stone PEBBLE
Luau dance HULA
Clues Answers
Maintenance cost UPKEEP
Make amends ATONE
Mediocre SOSO
Metallic rocks ORES
Narrowly defeated EDGED
Notre __ University DAME
Numbers posted at racetracks ODDS
Numerical datum STAT
Once-popular data storage device FLOPPYDISK
Once-popular enclosure for making calls PHONEBOOTH
Once-popular keyboard device TYPEWRITER
Once-popular record player PHONOGRAPH
One of the Great Lakes ERIE
Perform a lullaby for SINGTO
Period before Easter LENT
Person creating verses POET
Prefix meaning ''against'' ANTI
Rapid FAST
Run away from FLEE
Sampras of tennis PETE
Sculpted or molded SHAPED
Shared by you and me OURS
Spanish goodbye ADIOS
State known for potatoes IDAHO
State west of NJ PENN
Swine's sound OINK
Swiss mountains ALPS
Tag inside a shirt LABEL
Tardy LATE
Thorny shrub BRIER
Tiny bit of rain DROP
Twisting staircase shape SPIRAL
Winfrey of TV OPRAH
Without air, as a tire FLAT
Woman's small crown TIARA
Woodwind instrument OBOE
Word-of-mouth ORAL
__ down (lose weight) SLIM
__-law (daughter's husband) SONIN