The Guardian - Cryptic crossword No 27,753 - Feb 25 2019

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Clues Answers
A knight allowed jewellery ANKLET
A liberal excited about new performer BALLERINA
Boil acid mistakenly? That's hellish! DIABOLIC
Charlie's poem on waves is crackers CODEBREAKERS
Corruption riddled Mrs Grundy's project PROTRUDE
Dad's favourite child? POPPET
Died first protecting old player OBOIST
Engineer initially provides exhaust and fixtures EVENTS
Entomb priest with alien? Explain! INTERPRET
Exercises Rex finds demanding? Struggle on! PERSEVERE
Film star is unsteady, but no retakes BUSTERKEATON
Follow Tory leader contest TRACE
General meaning of vocalist TENOR
Girl preferably tours India ELSIE
Clues Answers
Go away with list that can be bagged SHOOTABLE
God is present, I assume POSEIDON
Hurried back, considered and told the tale NARRATED
Interrupt prince filling beer mug STEPIN
Kick back produced by six elements REACT
Officers rent shop GENERALSTORE
One agreeing to make fool join ASSENTER
One thinking about a gun MAUSER
Sailors in the drink? ABSINTHE
Small talk on amazing sale in food stores PLEASANTRIES
Survey the landscape PROSPECT
The prohibition of an ancient city THEBAN
Tonic for people in Britain BRACER
Wears tie loosely, so to speak ASITWERE