Wall Street Journal - Jul 17 2009 - July 17, 2009 - Moonlighting Serenaders

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Clues Answers
'A Passage to India' heroine ADELA
'And there you are!' VOILA
'Antigone' playwright Jean ANOUILH
'Come ___?' (Lake Como greeting) STAI
'Dies ___' IRAE
'Follow me!' CMON
'Goodness!' ILLBE
'Hungry Like the Wolf' band DURANDURAN
'Keep in touch' WRITE
'Love Story' composer Francis LAI
'Monty Python's Flying Circus' producer BBC
'Most likely' ODDSARE
'Ol' Man River' composer KERN
'Over here...' PSSST
'Slumdog Millionaire' setting MUMBAI
'True, I swear!' ITSSO
'Two Years Before the Mast' author DANA
'Woe ___' (grammar guide) ISI
100 cents EURO
1814 exile site ELBA
1974 David Bowie song REBELREBEL
Alluvial matter SILT
Alpine echoes YODELS
Amiss OFF
Angler's basket CREEL
Annual NBA event DRAFT
Appropriate STEAL
Aussie outlaw Kelly NED
Award given by The Village Voice OBIE
Bambi's aunt ENA
Bar bill TAB
Bend at the barre PLIE
Big maker of pachinko machines SEGA
Big name in little suits SPEEDO
Blues great ___ Wolf HOWLIN
Bottle amts. OZS
Buffalo-to-Baltimore dir. SSE
Bumpkin RUBE
Business leader? AGRI
Buster Brown's dog TIGE
Bygone blade SNEE
Campfire remnant EMBER
Canine command SIT
Carey's wedding band service made of outcasts from her band? MARIAHSPARIAHS
Casbah residents ARABS
Chain owned by Barnes & Noble BDALTON
Clash SPAT
Cloverleaf component ONRAMP
Comparable to pie? ASEASY
Cornrow protector DORAG
Cub handle? NAPE
D.C. team NATS
Director Clair RENE
Disney's '___ and the Detectives' EMIL
Double-deck card game CANASTA
Driving reminders DIVOTS
Earful, perhaps QTIP
Eastern discipline YOGA
Email option REPLY
Encampment TENTAGE
Encircling tactic SIEGE
Enterprise initials USS
Fabulous sailor SINBAD
Family head DON
Ferdinand, por ejemplo REY
Figures DATA
Final Four org. NCAA
Fly high SOAR
Friend of Hawkeye UNCAS
Frist's predecessor in the Senate SASSER
Clues Answers
Full of juicy gossip DISHY
Furtado's plastic footwear line? NELLYSJELLIES
Give the boot to OUST
Go after CHASE
Grind gauge DRIP
Gut reaction? OOF
Havens OASES
Here, over there ICI
Hits snooze SLEEPSIN
It makes you a better person ASPIRIN
Its capital is Cagliari SARDINIA
Jesuit university LOYOLA
Karen's maid on 'Will & Grace' ROSARIO
Key of Pachelbel's Canon DMAJ
Kin of magazines ARMORIES
Like Eric the Red NORSE
Like some Berbers LIBYAN
Literally, 'injured' LESE
Migratory fish EEL
Money managers?: Abbr. EDS
Mongolian word for 'ocean' DALAI
Moore's confectionery? MANDYSCANDIES
Mountain top? SKICAP
Muse with a lyre ERATO
Nest eggs, briefly IRAS
Newfoundland neighbor LABRADOR
Nocturnal bear? URSA
Noted Kenyan lioness ELSA
One of a villainous group in 'The Lion King' HYENA
Ops. base HDQRS
Parting words BYES
Parton-sponsored theatrical revue? DOLLYSFOLLIES
Pigeons SAPS
Places where they've seen you coming CLIPJOINTS
Posse members, slangily DAWGS
Prepared short ribs BRAISED
Pricey wraps STOLES
Puts away ICES
Quirkily varied ECLECTIC
Ronde Barber's twin TIKI
Salinger dedicatee ESME
Sean Connery, for one SCOT
Shade TINT
Shuttle buses from Houston? WHITNEYSJITNEYS
Signor Ferrari ENZO
Skin-covered boat UMIAK
Slightest LEAST
Small ducks TEALS
Smear on the page LIBEL
Some Korean-made appliances LGS
Sparks's placement service for prison personnel? JORDINSWARDENS
Star Wars, initially SDI
Steely Dan's best-selling album AJA
Stephen of 'V for Vendetta' REA
Stun gun TASER
Sunscreen ingredient PABA
The N.Y. Cosmos were in it NASL
Tick by ELAPSE
Tire, at the Michelin plant PNEU
Tolkien creatures ENTS
Trans. vb. follower OBJ
Turns ROTS
Use a baton TWIRL
Use of them may prevent 1-Across GOLFTEES
Warning track treader OUTFIELDER
Well-intentioned girl of rhyme? JILL
Words before bail or parole OUTON
Writer LeShan EDA
Yenta services from Knowles? BEYONCESFIANCES
___ water (facing trouble) INHOT