Universal - Feb 24 2019

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Clues Answers
"Anyone home?" YOOHOO
"Calvin and Hobbes" transport SLED
"I've got it!" AHA
"La Vie en Rose" singer Edith PIAF
"Little piggy" TOE
"That's the spot!" AAH
'70s Earth orbiter SKYLAB
*Ali's boxing technique ROPEADOPE
*Dishonorable LOWDOWN
*Plunging shirt feature SCOOPNECK
*Splashes around au naturel SKINNYDIPS
*Stock tips, e.g., or a hint to the starred answers' synonyms and their placement in the grid INSIDEINFO
Altar words IDO
Amazon's domain ETAIL
Anti-poverty group OXFAM
Apropos APT
As well TOO
Baseball cap "hairstyle" HATHEAD
Bird such as Woodsy OWL
Buffett's Nebraska home OMAHA
Came back to Earth LANDED
Choosing rhyme start EENIE
Cry for a toreador OLE
Ctrl+V, on a PC PASTE
Fire pit flakes ASHES
Florida collegian GATOR
Focus problem, for short ADHD
Have a cow? CALVE
High cards in bridge ACES
High points ZENITHS
Hit with a leg joint KNEED
Honeycomb home HIVE
Invite for ASKTO
Laudatory poem ODE
Leakes on Bravo NENE
Line that draws people in CONGA
Clues Answers
Make a claim ALLEGE
Martians, e.g ALIENLIFE
Musical hodgepodge MEDLEY
Nobel winner Wiesel ELIE
Not missing a trick ALERT
Not much ATAD
Oktober suffix FEST
One making a scene? ARTIST
One may celebrate Pi Day NERD
Pucker-inducing TART
Real head-scratcher, informally? CHIMP
Sales pitch SPIEL
Sandal part STRAP
Scam target: Abbr SSN
Select OPT
Shake alternative MALT
Shakespearean curse POX
Slightly stale, say DAYOLD
South African rebellion site SOWETO
Supply's counterpart DEMAND
Sword injury GASH
Take most of HOG
Tasseled topper FEZ
Texas siege site ALAMO
Texter's "Eww, stop!" TMI
Their lives are chaos HOTMESSES
Torch output FLAME
Trial TEST
Tug sharply at YANKON
Utah ski resort ALTA
White football parts LACES
Winter toy maker ELF
Within the rules LEGAL
Word-of-mouth communication pro? LIPREADER
___ of industry TITAN
___ Vegas LAS