The Sun - Two Speed - Feb 23 2019

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Clues Answers
Aquatic diving bird CORMORANT
Ballet skirt that sounds like a tie? TUTU
Be too clever for OUTSMART
Best appearing in public, well-dressed OUTSMART
Boredom seen in pupil regularly ENNUI
Catered afresh with new sherry container DECANTER
Characters from Abba riotous in pub BAR
Ciggie-lover one cures SMOKER
Consumes EATS
Culinary plant HERB
Dancer's costume TUTU
Dish is over the top served in rhino hide? RISOTTO
Doctor with duck in stream wants solid ground BEDROCK
Dover CID engineered split DIVORCED
Flyer from north in crashing motorcar CORMORANT
Frontier bishop given command BORDER
Fundamental principle BEDROCK
General survey OVERVIEW
Go with soil to build domed dwellings IGLOOS
Happening EVENT
Harmonious work in proper agency OPERA
Has meal in great steakhouse EATS
Inuit houses IGLOOS
Italian rice dish RISOTTO
King flees bad-tempered elk MOOSE
Clues Answers
Large northern deer MOOSE
Legally parted DIVORCED
Listlessness ENNUI
Liverpudlian (informal) SCOUSE
Maybe shooter arrived with artist CAMERA
Mother Brown accommodating Basil? HERB
Musical drama OPERA
News boss, good, taken in by one being nervous on edge
Picture-taking apparatus CAMERA
Poem from Atwood exceptional ODE
Scandinavian city OSLO
Shambles? Time for communication! MESSAGE
Shot in cricket match for decisive run? test drive
Small company with employment for northerner SCOUSE
Some rancheros love capital OSLO
Still time for adventure EVENT
Summary of extra scene OVERVIEW
Tavern BAR
Tense or anxious on edge
Tobacco user SMOKER
Try out a new vehicle test drive
Verse form ODE
Young hare LEVERET
Youngest in form? LEVERET