Eugene Sheffer - King Feature Syndicate - Mar 14 2019

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Clues Answers
'Billions' actor Paul GIAMATTI
'Exodus' hero ARI
'Hey!' PSST
'I did it!' TADA
'Locksley Hall' poet TENNYSON
'Oklahoma!' carriage SURREY
'Oops!' UHOH
'Toodle-oo!' TATA
'Uh-huh' YEP
'— the season ...' TIS
Aesopian also-ran HARE
Antitoxins SERA
Attire GARB
Brother's son NEPHEW
Chinese food assortment DIMSUM
Clothing protector BIB
Collar NAB
Compared to THAN
Concerning RE
Docs' org AMA
Ellington's 'Take — Train' THEA
Fade away WANE
Fastidious trait NEATNESS
Head, to Henri TETE
Hesitant sound UM
Ireland ERIN
Jai — ALAI
JFK's vessel PTBOAT
Joke GAG
Jurist Fortas ABE
La-la lead-in TRA
Lark, for one SONGBIRD
Clues Answers
Leveling wedge SHIM
More (Sp.) MAS
Music for seven SEPTET
Novelist Jaffe RONA
Objectivist Rand AYN
Oscar-winning actress Emma THOMPSON
Penne — vodka ALLA
Picnic spoiler RAIN
Playwright Levin IRA
Poet of yore BARD
Popular card game UNO
Short recital piece SONATINA
Six-pack muscles ABS
Slender SLIM
Soak up the sun BASK
Sock part TOE
Some mixologists BARMEN
Spike's warning GRR
Sports figure? STAT
Stop — dime ONA
Sunflower State KANSAS
Tend texts EDIT
Three, in Rome TRE
Tiny amounts TADS
Top-of-the-line AONE
Tousle MUSS
Uppity one SNOB
Vacuum's lack AIR
Very long time EON
Year in Mexico ANO
Yoko of music ONO