USA Today - Jul 15 2009

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Clues Answers
"Rule, Britannia!" composer Thomas ARNE
"___ far, far better thing . . ." ITISA
"___ not back in an hour . . ." IFIM
Alphabet section IJKL
Antebellum PREWAR
Astin and Lennon SEANS
Baloney BUNK
Burnsian, e.g. POETIC
Clark Kent-like TIMID
Coffee source BEAN
Curve-shaped ARCED
Destroy over time ERODE
Emulates a cat NAPS
Exhibits fallibility ERRS
Fight against oppression REBEL
Gap, as in judgment LAPSE
Get lodgings in STAYAT
Golf reservation TEETIME
Hit, to King James SMOTE
Intentions AIMS
Iris covers CORNEAS
It's illegal to drop it LSD
Lacking, along the Loire SANS
Learn, as a hobby TAKEUP
Like a poker bet met SEEN
Location of a cricket's ear KNEE
Moreover ALSO
National, before emigrating? EXPO
No longer exists ISNT
Not in its original form REDONE
Old Toyota model SUPRA
On tenterhooks EDGY
One trying to avoid charges? UBOAT
Opera song ARIA
Org. with a fur-gone conclusion? PETA
Over and over ALOT
Parts of gigs MEGS
Past and present TENSES
Pedestrian safeway CROSSWALK
Clues Answers
Picture-book pachyderm BABAR
Place to park it SEAT
Places for laces EYELETS
Promotional assortment SAMPLER
Proverbial battlers SEXES
Quested in "A Passage to India" ADELA
Red figure NETLOSS
Refrain from singing? TRALA
Ring stoppages, for short TKOS
Said "I'm in," in effect ANTED
San ___ (Costa Rican capital) JOSE
Scratch memento SCAB
Seafood sometimes imitated CRAB
Some exhaust systems DUALS
Sotto voce call PSST
Spiteful, as a remark CATTY
Street sign NOPARKING
Strike zone? LANE
Strong, woody fiber BAST
Suburban political force MOMS
Superimposed on ATOP
Take unfair advantage of USE
Tiger and Ernie, for short PROS
Traffic jam BOTTLENECK
Trouble's partner TOIL
Tuxedo junction SEAM
U.N. agcy. ILO
Units of 100 ergs/gram RADS
Units of loudness SONES
Uses a tuffet SITS
W.C. Fields role TOPER
What drivers should be aware of SPEEDLIMIT
Where change is made MINT
Whitman's "___ the Body Electric" ISING
Without a roof OPEN
Word with "martial" or "industrial" ARTS
___ Gras FOIE
___ Lauder (cosmetics brand) ESTEE
___ Moines, Iowa DES