New York Times - Feb 21 2019

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Clues Answers
'A Farewell to Arms' subj WWI
'Black Swan' jump JETE
'Game of Thrones' role ___ Snow JON
'How relaxing!' AHH
'Lah-di-___!' DAH
12-time Olympic swimming medalist Ryan LOCHTE
15-, 26-, 33- or 39-Across, punnily? CHARACTERACTOR
A really long time AGES
Action-documenting cameras GOPROS
Alternatives to texts IMS
Answer to the old riddle 'What wears more clothing in summer than in winter?' ATREE
Becomes involved in GETSWITH
Big ___ SUR
Cabinet dept. concerned with farming AGR
Cardi B's genre RAP
Carefully listening (to) ATTUNED
Chicago landmark nicknamed for its resemblance to a legume THEBEAN
Classic Camaro, informally IROC
Contained by this text HEREIN
Cool woman, jocularly DUDETTE
Courtroom V.I.P.s DAS
Crosses out XES
Disgusting sort TOAD
Drippy, say WET
Equal ARE
Frequent favorite ONESEED
Geographical feature of Mars ICECAP
Hide-y holes? PORES
Honest-to-goodness ACTUAL
Julia Ward ___, writer of 'The Battle Hymn of the Republic' HOWE
Lead-in to -cide ECO
Like many of Pindar's works ODIC
Magical basin used to view one's memories in the Harry Potter books PENSIEVE
Member of a fratlike Silicon Valley work environment TECHBRO
Mezzanine, e.g TIER
Clues Answers
Ones going down in flames? WICKS
Online handle for an Xbox player GAMERTAG
Org. concerned with bugs and plants CIA
Part of some future planning, for short IRA
Ph-neutral vitamin brand ESTERC
Player of J in 'Men in Black' WILLSMITH
Player of M in 'GoldenEye' JUDIDENCH
Player of V in 'V for Vendetta' HUGOWEAVING
Player of X in 'X-Men' PATRICKSTEWART
Popular boots from Australia UGGS
Precursor to riches, it's said RAGS
Really long times ERAS
Rutherford known as 'The Father of Nuclear Physics' ERNEST
San Francisco Bay city ALAMEDA
Scotch brand DEWARS
Screw up ERR
Shake, maybe WAKE
Snide chuckle HEHE
Some circle dances HORAS
Spanish fleet? RAPIDO
Squeeze (out) EKE
Super-uptight ANAL
Tiny amount DRIB
Title creature in an Aesop fable HARE
Title in Uncle Remus stories BRER
Title role for Sally Field NORMARAE
Try to get a good look PEER
Two for the show, informally? TIX
Typical Seder attendee JEW
Unalaskan, e.g ALEUTIAN
Urban portmanteau SMOG
Walk-___ INS
What Dante wrote in ITALIANO
Would really rather not HATETO