The Times - Cryptic - Times Quick Cryptic No 1293

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Clues Answers
Big tree a jazzman originally identified in Washington WELLINGTONIA
Brought from a distance? That’s unbelievable! far-fetched
Composer upset about pistol case HOLSTER
Control male ox STEER
Dreary routine involving stags in autumn? RUT
Fawn upon grown-up relative finally touring area ADULATE
Flightless bird in Prague museum EMU
Greeting the Spanish commended at first — in women, mostly WELCOME
Military tribunal heard top officer when speaking court martial
Original, having first half of month on lake NOVEL
Persian ruler’s quiet expression of satisfaction SHAH
Clues Answers
Resilient young male worker inspiring union leader BUOYANT
Rodent initially caught on yellow plant, unfortunately COYPU
Scavenge at great length, never finishing FORAGE
Shrub in untidy garden surrounded by fresh hay HYDRANGEA
Sick inmate nursing ultimately fatal illness AILMENT
Slight breeze extremely rare in Somerset city BREATH
Some strapping lad entering forest clearing GLADE
Time to abandon hackneyed ceremony RITE
Tiny worker marking time on watch, perhaps? minute hand
Trembling, seeing second colony of bees by railway SHIVERY
Woodworker’s writing instrument pinched by carrier CARPENTER