- Feb 19 2019

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Clues Answers
''Get lost!'' SCRAM
''Hey, you!'' sound PSST
''I'm fine with that'' SUITSME
''Not guilty,'' for one PLEA
''Yes __, Bob!'' SIRREE
''__ ain't broke . . .'' IFIT
A Great Lake ERIE
Act as arbitrator MEDIATE
Adorable CUTE
Agreement ASSENT
Beach hill DUNE
Biblical paradise EDEN
Borscht ingredient BEET
Bugs Bunny's crunchy meals RAWCARROTS
Campus URL ending EDU
Clothes dryer fuzz LINT
Contest submission ENTRY
Crunchy long green veggies CELERYSTICKS
Crunchy picnic entrée FRIEDCHICKEN
Crunchy thin bread MELBATOAST
Curly-leafed cabbage KALE
Deep understanding INSIGHT
Dined ATE
Discourage DAUNT
Early afternoon ONE
Emphatic Spanish assent SISI
End of many a business name: Abbr INC
Equips for combat ARMS
Fan club's hero IDOL
Few and far between RARE
First-born ELDEST
Four-team tourney round SEMIS
Gardener's digging tool SPADE
Genetic copy CLONE
Get cash for SELL
Glide lightly SKITTER
Great enthusiasm ZEAL
Group with Leo and Pisces ZODIAC
Has the skills (to) ISABLE
Clues Answers
Having no clutter NEAT
High and thin, as 33 Down music REEDY
High-energy DYNAMIC
Highly rated, as milk GRADEA
Interoffice mail abbr ATTN
Last of a series ENDER
Lexus competitor ACURA
Make unusable RUIN
Note after fa SOL
Numerical proportion RATIO
Occupied a chair SAT
Ostrich-like birds EMUS
Parts of a play ACTS
Parts of the eye IRISES
Pinnacle ACME
Play on words PUN
Pondered MUSED
Prefix meaning ''all'' OMNI
Road that might cross a st AVE
School kids' transport BUS
Second to none BEST
Secret scheme PLOT
Segment PART
Seize GRAB
Shape of a hockey puck DISC
Skeptical comment IBET
Smooth out the creases IRON
Sound the alarm WARN
Speed contest RACE
Square dance maneuver DOSIDO
Teheran's country IRAN
Tells untruths LIES
Tickle pink ELATE
Toward the ocean SEAWARD
Trimmed the grass MOWED
Vampire novelist Rice ANNE
Water, in Mexico AGUA
Woodwind instrument OBOE
__ so (nevertheless) EVEN