Family Time - Feb 18 2019

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Clues Answers
"Gimme __!" (Auburn cheer start) ANA
"Malcolm in the Middle" dad Bryan CRANSTON
"Will there be anything ___?" ELSE
1/100 of a yen SEN
A dozen minus three NINE
Antlered animal STAG
Architects' annexes ELLS
Basketball game stopper FOUL
Belonging to you and me OUR
Bittersweet covering ARIL
Boar's mate SOW
Boyfriend BEAU
Breaks to bits SHATTERS
Bullfighting cheer OLE
Burdened LADEN
Clever like a fox SLY
Commercials ADS
Cyan relative TEAL
Dad's boy SON
Dollar abroad EURO
Fictional vampire feature FANG
Fish-eating eagle ERNE
Fork piece TINE
Four-leaf ___ CLOVER
Greek cheeses FETAS
Hawaiian garlands LEIS
Hidden valley GLEN
Hype too much OVERSELL
Indian dresses SARIS
Inflation stuff AIR
Invisible circle of "light" AURA
It may be behind a mask FACE
Jet's parachute DROGUE
Like most of Mongolia ARID
Clues Answers
Listening devices EARS
Many include photos IDS
Miner's find ORE
Mythical Olympus deities GODS
New Hampshire city NASHUA
Opposite of good EVIL
Packs to the brim FILLS
Part of a min SEC
Past tense of "is" WAS
Perform in a play ACT
Prefix with dynamic or space AERO
Red ___ (sushi fish) TAI
Rolling grasslands PRAIRIES
Sci-fi film vehicles UFOS
Sewing necessity NEEDLE
Shoulder of the road BERM
Some modern addresses URLS
Spinoff church group SECT
Stick in ADD
Stop-sign color RED
Support for Tiger Woods TEE
Surprise police tactic RAID
Take to court SUE
Tampa Bay baseballer RAY
Test version BETA
Time delay LAG
Tiny bit IOTA
To be, in ancient Rome ESSE
Tree fluids SAPS
Type of bean LIMA
Years of note ERA
Zealous AVID
___ up (subside) LET
___-Wan of "Star Wars" OBI