The Washington Post - Feb 18 2019

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Clues Answers
'60s 'acid' LSD
'Barnaby Jones' star Buddy EBSEN
'Don't believe that!' ITSALIE
'Just a __!' SEC
'Their Eyes Were Watching God' novelist Zora __ Hurston NEALE
(Having) spoiled GONEBAD
+ or - particle ION
18-wheeler SEMI
A flirt may bat one EYELASH
Absorbed, as a loss ATE
Animal's gullet MAW
Arc lamp gas XENON
As well TOO
Attached, as hotel rooms ENSUITE
Ave. crossers STS
Battery post ANODE
Beatty of 'Deliverance' NED
Bewilder ADDLE
Big name in underwear SPANX
Birch family trees ALDERS
Boxing's 'Iron Mike' TYSON
Brazilian soccer legend PELE
Brit's trash can DUSTBIN
Browning or Burns POET
Carry out, as a task EXECUTE
Chat room chuckle LOL
Class-conscious gp PTA
Classic French song whose title means 'It's so good' CESTSIBON
Comic Conway TIM
Conical home TEPEE
Cornfield sound CAW
Cut for an agt PCT
Do penance ATONE
Dwindled WANED
Extreme-weather restriction, perhaps TRAVELBAN
Finished ATANEND
Fishing line holders REELS
Clues Answers
Flower part STEM
Footnote abbr OPCIT
Frank holder HOTDOGBUN
French salt SEL
Hog's home STY
Hotel room amenity MINIBAR
Inc., in Toronto LTD
It's a law STATUTE
Japanese computer giant NEC
Joy of 'The View' BEHAR
Krispy __ doughnuts KREME
Leaning ATILT
Like amoebas ONECELL
Like baggy pants LOOSE
Like seven U.S. flag stripes RED
Maine college town ORONO
Maritime safety gp USCG
Mount McKinley, now DENALI
Msg. for a cop car APB
Near-sighted Mr MAGOO
Never, in Neuss NIE
Not worth a __ SOU
Obtain through intimidation, as money EXTORT
Opposite of pos NEG
Paris' river SEINE
Pickle container JAR
Sci-fi author Verne JULES
Singer Rimes and soaps actress Hunley LEANNS
Sports betting numbers ODDS
Suffix with iso- or poly- MER
Thanksgiving birds TURKEYS
Title bear of '60s TV GENTLEBEN
Unexpected thing to hit SNAG
Wedding wear VEIL
What a rooster rules ROOST
White-sheet wearer, on Halloween GHOST
Wordsmith's ref OED
Yahoo! rival MSN
__-de-sac CUL