L.A. Times Daily - Feb 16 2019

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Clues Answers
"Clerks" clerk DANTE
"Help wanted" sign? SOS
"Nixon in China" tenor role MAO
"The Card Players" artist PAULCEZANNE
"The Puzzle Palace" org NSA
"Whose Line Is It Anyway?" host Tyler AISHA
1962 Lawrence portrayer OTOOLE
1983 Streisand film YENTL
2007 #1 hit for Alicia Keys NOONE
Andy Murray, by birth SCOT
Barnyard sound BAA
Bit of EMT expertise CPR
Blank state TRANCE
Caltech, e.g.: Abbr INST
Classic muscle cars GTOS
Coconut source PALMTREE
Composer Debussy CLAUDE
Contagious enthusiasm FEVER
Contract with a flat fee? LEASE
Coral relative ANEMONE
Couples of golf FRED
Dirties the dishes EATSIN
Dizzy genre BOP
Dr. Scholl's products INSOLES
Early transatlantic flier ZEPPELIN
Eponymous 2001 pop album JLO
Exposes BARES
Flirtatious bat WINK
Gandhi family notable RAJIV
Golden Globes genre DRAMA
High-tech accessory that may pose privacy issues WEBCAM
Historical role played by Sally Field in 2012 MARYTODDLINCOLN
Homer, in baseball lingo GODEEP
Clues Answers
Japan, to natives NIPPON
Leader of New Netherland before it was renamed New York PETERSTUYVESANT
Like film in a camera UNDEVELOPED
Like gong sounds METALLIC
Mobile maker CALDER
More adroit NEATER
Multiple of LXVII CCI
No-nonsense marker SHARPIE
Not quite aligned OFFSET
Nuclear reactor need COOLANT
Old senate setting ROME
Painting supply ROLLER
PC space bar neighbor ALT
Pieces for one SOLI
Pleasant rides SPINS
Poison frontman Michaels BRET
Positive CANDO
Potential stock buyer BIDDER
Put in one's two cents OPINE
Put on notice WARNED
Roof, e.g TOP
Runs off, in a way XEROXES
Secret targets? ODORS
Soprano Sumac YMA
Space shuttle gas OXYGEN
Spy novelist Deighton LEN
Sweetly, in suites DOLCE
Ted of "The Good Place" DANSON
Test taker EXAMINEE
The __ Man: Major Arcana card HANGED
What letters need TENANTS
Word of origin WHENCE