The Sun - Two Speed - Feb 16 2019

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Clues Answers
All the nuts enough to do one in? LETHAL
Back trouble unknown in Jedi master YODA
Became visible APPEARED
Bolshevik, for example (informal) COMMIE
Caprine male billy goat
Catch one's breath GASP
Chest of drawers TALLBOY
Clothes line? SEAM
Coal stratum SEAM
Coincide to an extent OVERLAP
Collections of groovy sounds? ALBUMS
Coral reef ATOLL
Desert traveller NOMAD
Excellent daughter needs help AID
False praise as cook drinks coffee FLATTERY
Fighting to slice fish and chicken COWARD
Following? Dead right! LATER
Football team ELEVEN
Hair cleanser SHAMPOO
Have sudden inspiration? GASP
Help AID
Indoor growth pot plant
Insane MAD
Clues Answers
Is hacking phone — take action MOBILISE
Island has a charge for road use ATOLL
Long-playing records ALBUMS
Maybe six-foot lad wants furniture item TALLBOY
Mum and dad initially bonkers MAD
Not an insane wanderer NOMAD
Old point rehashed gives alternative OPTION
Paper hammered in article editor featured APPEARED
Person lacking courage COWARD
Prepare for war MOBILISE
Red route south from Leeds seen in advance COMMIE
Revelation hitherto unforeseen? eye-opener
Second fight in Hollywood production MOVIE
Share common ground having finished circuit OVERLAP
Side of the Spanish square ELEVEN
Soft soap FLATTERY
Soho Pam worked as cleaner SHAMPOO
Some European cable? ROPE
Spirit shown by orphan to mentor PHANTOM
Star Wars guru YODA
Stout cord ROPE
Subsequently LATER
Surprising sight eye-opener
Two snooker shots feature in conservatory? pot plant
William has attempt at making butter billy goat