Universal - Feb 13 2019

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Clues Answers
"Anything ___?" ELSE
"Deal with it!" TOUGH
"Elementary" network CBS
"Norma ___" (1979 film) RAE
"Now I get it" OHOK
"That was close!" PHEW
"You there?" HELLO
*"Later, Jose!" ADIOSAMIGO
*"Mona Lisa" locale LOUVREMUSEUM
*Distribute DOLEOUT
*Nursery rhyme with a candlestick JACKBENIMBLE
Airline reservation SEAT
Backup strategy PLANB
Beats headphones Dr DRE
Beginning stage ONSET
Blew one's own horn BRAGGED
British singer Goulding ELLIE
Cho's "Star Trek" role SULU
Chop down HEW
Classic Girl Scout cookies THINMINTS
Conks out DIES
Doctor's charge FEE
Edible shoots SPROUTS
Enjoys a lollipop LICKS
Essayist Ralph Waldo EMERSON
Fantastic Mr. Foxx REDD
Finnish cell phone maker NOKIA
Fix, as a match RIG
Get-up-and-go PEP
Goldie of "Private Benjamin" HAWN
Golfer Mickelson PHIL
Gyro meat LAMB
Hair salon sound SNIP
Hairless BALD
Has to have NEEDS
Has to pay back OWES
Heroic saga EPIC
Hindu in "The Simpsons" APU
Clues Answers
Houston slugger, to fans STRO
Intentional jeans tear RIP
Is home sick AILS
Israel neighbor LEBANON
Justice Samuel ALITO
Lager alternative ALE
Loud kiss SMACK
Marriage-related NUPTIAL
Meets with SEES
Melber of MSNBC ARI
Mojito ingredient LIMEJUICE
Mummy's place TOMB
Navy Cross or Silver Star MEDAL
Not a copy: Abbr ORIG
Numero ___ UNO
Paperless IRS return EFILE
Pepper spray relative MACE
Poppy drug OPIUM
QB Brett Favre's 508 TDS
Ran in the wash BLED
Razed, with "down" TORE
Senate intern, e.g AIDE
Seniors' group AARP
Sense of finality CLOSURE
Sheer delight GLEE
Six years, for a senator TERM
Strike organizer UNION
Succeeds (or fails) at finding the names hidden in the starred answers? CRIESUNCLE
Tadpoles' homes PONDS
Taken by mouth ORAL
Theme park feature RIDE
Tiny weight GRAM
Total fraud SHAM
Vinyl platters LPS
Was in a contest VIED
Winning punches, briefly KOS
Yoga pads MATS
___-bag ("green" tote) ECO