New York Times - Feb 13 2019

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Clues Answers
'Dr.' of hip-hop DRE
'Freeze!' HALT
'I'll take care of that' ONIT
'Well, well, well!' OHO
Actress Ramirez of 'Grey's Anatomy' SARA
Airport postings, in brief ETAS
Alexander Hamilton's nemesis AARONBURR
American Girl products DOLLS
Art Spiegelman's Pulitzer-winning graphic novel MAUS
Back talk LIP
Bad eye sight? STYE
Banned insecticide DDT
Big name in antacids TUMS
Big news involving extraterrestrials CONTACT
Born NEE
Bridge SPAN
Browser history contents SITES
Bug on a hook, maybe BAIT
Caddies' suggestions IRONS
Common blessing GESUNDHEIT
Craze RAGE
Cremation containers URNS
Ctrl-___-Del ALT
Ear passage CANAL
Fairy tale baddie OGRE
Fedora, for one HAT
Flight part STEP
Florida city on a bay TAMPA
Gets tagged, say ISOUT
Goof ERR
Homeland of many 2010s refugees SYRIA
Italian wine region ASTI
Jai ___ ALAI
Japanese city on a bay OSAKA
Kangaroo's pouch MARSUPIUM
Lead-in to Francisco or Pedro SAN
Letter after 'X' PSI
Clues Answers
Loudly angry, as a group INANUPROAR
Manning with two Super Bowl M.V.P. awards ELI
Master's seeker's hurdle, for short GRE
McKellen who played Gandalf IAN
Meade's opponent at Gettysburg LEE
Nabokov's nos NYETS
On the loose ATLARGE
One who won't serve the average joe BARISTA
Onetime Volvo alternative SAAB
Outer thigh stabilizers, in brief ITBANDS
Part of many German names VON
Parts of porch chairs SLATS
Perfect dives TENS
Prey for a brown bear TROUT
Pull in NET
Rhyming description for IHOP's 'Fresh 'N Fruity' pancakes ROOTYTOOTY
Road Runner cartoon sights MESAS
Rolls the dice and moves one's token TAKESATURN
Rwandan minority TUTSI
Safety warning for some kitchenware NOOVENUSE
See in court, say SUE
Shipping lanes SEAROUTES
Sierra ___ LEONE
Sign gas NEON
Smithereens BITS
Some four-year degrees, for short BAS
Some Millers LITES
Suffix with oper- ETTA
They act in silence MIMES
Undercover buster NARC
Warm and cozy spots HEARTHS
What bugs are found in BETA
With 36-Down, astronomical rarity ... or a hint to the circled letters PLANETARY
___ blanche CARTE
___ Intrepid (New York City tourist attraction) USS
___ Maduro, successor to Venezuela's Hugo Chávez NICOLAS
___ Park, Calif MENLO