USA Today - Apr 6 2019

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Clues Answers
'Caro nome' or 'Un bel di vedremo' ARIA
'I wanna!' LEMME
'Little Women' woman BETH
'Odds ___ . . .' ARE
Adjective for Snow White FAIREST
All Wrigley Field contests, until 1988 DAYGAMES
Annie Oakley's asset AIM
Apple in pies NORTHERNSPY
Artist's digs, perhaps LOFT
Bandage fabrics GAUZES
Basilica center NAVE
Bean in falafel FAVA
Beer ___ (bar game) PONG
Brunei's locale ASIA
California wine country NAPAVALLEY
Carefree life EASE
Carpoolers' convenience HOVLANE
Cartman in 'South Park' ERIC
Chain with many syrup flavors IHOP
Chumps, to con artists LIVEONES
Comics dog since 1978 ODIE
Company with a duck mascot AFLAC
Dealer buster NARC
Designer Claiborne LIZ
Deuces-wild card game CANASTA
Did batik, say DYED
Did really well on ACED
Diplomatic break RIFT
DTs sufferers SOTS
Facebook approvals LIKES
Flower's home BED
Food truck snack TACO
Frosted Flakes tiger TONY
Grant of 'Father Goose' CARY
Greeting accompanied by a lei ALOHA
Hailer's cry TAXI
Hold dear ADORE
Honored in a big way FETED
Horse-and-buggy folks AMISH
Clues Answers
Indicated 'I'm in!' ANTED
Interrupt at a dance CUTIN
Is galling to VEXES
Knock for a loop AMAZE
Late hours, informally NITE
Learning about flowers or birds, e.g NATURESTUDY
Like 101 courses BASIC
Like a breezeway AIRY
Like Type B personalities CALM
Little angel's antithesis BRAT
Little devils IMPS
Low-water mark NADIR
Minnesota's 10,000, it's said LAKES
NBA Hall of Famer Mourning ALONZO
Neeson of 'Kinsey' LIAM
New Yorker cartoonist Peter ARNO
No-goodnik BADEGG
One foot forward STEP
Periods that may end with FGs OTS
Picked from a lineup, briefly IDED
Place for nudists COLONY
Poseidon's domain SEA
Potatoes, to a marathoner CARB
Proselytizer's pamphlet TRACT
Roadblock or 2-Down BARRIER
Shakespearean eloper ROMEO
Smokeless smoke, briefly ECIG
St Ives gallery TATE
Sterilize, in a way BOIL
Sword's superior, it's said PEN
Three-faced movie heroine EVE
Ticket datum SEAT
Torment playfully TEASE
Treatment for sinus problems NASALSPRAY
Visa alternative, for short AMEX
Walk the earth EXIST
Widely impersonated rock star ELVIS
Wind turbine part ROTOR
Zoo trench MOAT