The New Yorker - Jan 21 2019

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Clues Answers
"Everything O.K. between us?" AREWECOOL
"Get Here" singer Adams OLETA
"I'll Make It ___ I Go" (Diana Krall song) UPAS
"My feeling is ..." IDSAY
"Revolutionary Road" author YATES
Adobe abode PUEBLO
Auto-Tune pioneer TPAIN
Baking class? HOTYOGA
Boxer's measurement REACH
Burdened (with) LADEN
Category 5 hurricane of 2017 IRMA
Certain gastropod SNAIL
Circles around the sun CORONAE
Company name that means "one" in Gaelic AON
Couldn't take HATED
Exec's helper ASST
Fabled big birds ROCS
Façades ACTS
First POTUS to ride in a helicopter DDE
Flat-bottomed boat BATEAU
Flustered INASTIR
Follow ENSUE
Ghostly PALE
Gonzo NUTS
Got one's feet wet WADED
Handled things at a pledge drive? TOTEBAGS
In progress ONGOING
Isn't totally sure HASDOUBTS
It's no place for free spirits CASHBAR
Joni Mitchell song with the lyric "I think I'm falling in love too fast" HELPME
Jorge Martín's "Before Night Falls," e.g OPERA
Lackawanna's county ERIE
Legendary iceman ORR
Clues Answers
Linked things SAUSAGES
Loose dress that may have a ruffled hem MUUMUU
Lorelai's kid on "Gilmore Girls" RORY
Many moons AGES
Matisse's "La ___" DANSE
McGruff's job title CRIMEDOG
Narrative TALE
Not as rough GENTLER
Odd-toed ungulate, for short RHINO
Oil used in shampoos TEATREE
Organic compound ENOL
Particular period TIMESPAN
Pasta ___ Genovese ALLA
Pliny the Elder called it "the Grape of the Bees" MUSCAT
Polly, to Tom AUNT
Rockies resort VAIL
Sarah McLachlan hit ADIA
Side with a BBQ platter SLAW
Site of India's Moonlight Garden AGRA
Soccer star Cristiano who was the most-followed athlete on Instagram in 2018 RONALDO
Some deli orders BLTS
Spanish for "you are" ERESTU
Stalls in a library CARRELS
States under J. Stalin SSRS
Tawhid Mosque city ALEPPO
Tender, but firm ALDENTE
Thousands, in slang GEES
TV showrunner Rhimes SHONDA
Type of trust BLIND
Where John McCain was a P.O.W NAM
Worked for Woods, perhaps CADDIED
Young parent TEENDAD
Zigzags downhill SLALOMS
___ blocker SPAM
___ Park ESTES