Wall Street Journal - Feb 11 2019 - To a Degree

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Clues Answers
'For real?' THATSO
'Here Comes the Sun,' for one BEATLESSONG
'Please stay!' DONTGO
'To be, or not to be' speaker HAMLET
'Wish Tree' artist Yoko ONO
Accounting firm ___ & Young ERNST
Affinity for music EAR
Apiece PER
Apple computer MAC
Auditioner's goal ROLE
Baker with eight Grammys ANITA
Boston airport LOGAN
Bullring cheer OLE
Called from a cote COOED
Canines, for example TEETH
Capital south of Portland SALEMOREGON
Cincinnati nine REDS
Colosseum site ROME
Combined, as resources POOLED
Compact SMALL
Cow in old commercials ELSIE
Deep-rooted INNATE
Deli buy HERO
Disco ___ ('Simpsons' character) STU
Down in the dumps SAD
Drove lickety-split SPED
Facing a jury ONTRIAL
Fill with wonder AWE
Fishing gear TACKLE
Former rival of Volvo SAAB
Genesis garden EDEN
Get rid of stubble SHAVE
Golfer Mickelson PHIL
Hand-carved Polynesian statues TIKIS
House shaped like a letter AFRAME
Hypothetical situation SCENARIO
Incites EGGSON
It can kill a bill VETO
Clues Answers
Javelin trajectories ARCS
Jazz great James ETTA
Jeans feature FLY
Land along a lake SHORE
Like an American in Paris ABROAD
Like satellite photos AERIAL
London art museum TATE
Magnetic metal IRON
Make blank ERASE
Make well again HEAL
Manhole setting STREET
Metal that yields nuclear fuel URANIUMORE
Moo ___ pork SHU
Nashville show, familiarly OPRY
Paintball need GUN
Pitches for products SALESSPIELS
Playground boo-boo OWIE
Post-op locale ICU
Post-workout therapy ICEBATH
Print measure equal to 12 points PICA
Projectile in a slapstick fight PIE
Providence-to-Boston dir NNE
Refrigerator coolant FREON
Roughly, and a hint to the words hidden in 18-, 23-, 36- and 52-Across MOREORLESS
Rower's implement OAR
Self-serving acts EGOTRIPS
Skimpy swimwear THONG
Skye of 'Gas Food Lodging' IONE
Sorrowful drop TEAR
Sound of a heavy fall THUD
Sty occupant PIG
Thoroughly versed in a language FLUENT
Travel booking INN
Twisty curve ESS
Water park attraction SLIDE
Whistle blower on a court REF
Wine and dine FETE
Word from the weary ALAS