The Guardian - Cryptic crossword No 27,742 - Feb 12 2019

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Clues Answers
A nut: with scarce bother, it's shelled CRUSTACEAN
Angelfish skirting East River CHERUB
Blubbery? Fat? Rule otherwise! TEARFUL
Buster's dish SMASHER
Dispute, but not about gang member? BIKER
Evolutionary gambles taken by male to reveal Darwin's craft HMSBEAGLE
First-class maths problem that does not present a jolly wheeze ASTHMA
Increase closeness? Murmur 'I would, if end of day' HUMIDIFY
It's not seen as a theoretical universal presence DARK
Lacking capital, sweetheart? Robbery proceeds would make restoration OVERHAUL
Macho singer's key indicator of Mozart work in con brio rendition COCKROBIN
Main messenger coming to a fishy end TRITON
Might you unconsciously be taken by this stylish new reporter on the Guardian? INCUBUS
Old leader's sort of green LINCOLN
PC element of academic releasing female for college PROCESSOR
Clues Answers
Play for real? DOCUDRAMA
Present of diamonds possibly overwhelming doctor SUBMIT
Rebel bookkeeping entry? CONTRA
Resort to autumn retreat, having finished working FALL
Rubbish study, perhaps, about flashy aftermath of explosion? MUSHROOMCLOUD
See 15 BACK
See 15 UPON
Songwriter's welcoming party for French star BARDOT
Speechless Donald Trump's inside, powerless and adrift without lead from business? DUMBSTRUCK
Surviving, once one is protected by explosive EXTANT
Temporary camp pen holding very orthodox union activist leaders BIVOUAC
Wave from food producer going round about BREAKER
West Country town not about to have a dig TAUNT