Family Time - Feb 11 2019

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Clues Answers
"Casey at the ___" BAT
"Game, ___ and match" SET
"Open ___ midnight" TIL
"The First" Christmas song NOEL
"___ the season to be jolly" TIS
Altar areas APSES
Animal stomachs CRAWS
Australian gemstone OPAL
Badgerlike mammal RATEL
Ballerina's balancing digit TOE
Best buds PALS
Big band instrument SAX
Body lotion ingredient ALOE
Broken-arm supporters (2 words) PLASTERCASTS
Building locale SITE
Cap worn with a kilt TAM
Club leader? GLEE
Collect from a field REAP
Common vehicle CAR
Constrictor reptiles BOAS
Course section UNIT
Cricket or beetle, e.g BUG
Divided by a membrane SEPTATE
Edible intestines of hogs CHITTERLINGS
Envision SEE
Fairy tale preposition UPON
Fast ballroom dance (2 words) ONESTEP
Finally completed OVER
Finished a skydive ALIT
Gallery display ART
Goes after certain crustaceans SHRIMPS
Half a figure 8? ESS
Hard rain? HAIL
Clues Answers
Ice cream holder CONE
It rattles in a whistle PEA
Italian "little" POCO
Knight's club or defensive spray MACE
Kool-___ AID
Like some unfortunate whales BEACHED
Long Island iced ___ TEA
Move quickly HIE
Mule "on the Erie Canal" SAL
Not happy at all SAD
Not in style anymore PASSE
Once around a running track LAP
Opposite of receive SEND
Ottoman overseer AGA
Parking places LOTS
Part of a hammerhead PEEN
Pull behind, as a 37-Across TOW
Sauce bean SOYA
Scott's "___ Roy" ROB
Skin beauty mark MOLE
Snow vehicle SLED
Some hair products GELS
Something levied TAX
St. or blvd. relative AVE
Teamwork inhibitors EGOS
Thing made in mornings BED
Things grocery shoppers check LISTS
Used a beanbag chair SAT
Water drawer PUMP
Welcome ___ (front door thing) MAT
Yes at sea AYE
You might sleep on it SHEET
___-Cola COCA