Universal - Feb 10 2019

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Clues Answers
"Aw, shucks!" DARN
"Buy It Now" website EBAY
"Coming soon" ad teaser PROMO
"Eureka!" AHA
"Four score and seven years ___ ..." AGO
"King Lear" daughter REGAN
"Oh! Susanna" instrument BANJO
"SNL" network NBC
"You said it, brother!" AMEN
Account checker AUDITOR
Allow LET
Appear menacing LOOM
Apt name for an emcee MIKE
At a ___ for words LOSS
Bachelor's last words IDO
Bar mitzvah, e.g RITE
Baseball's Hank AARON
Basset's floppy features EARS
Ben and Jerry, e.g DUO
Big first for a baby STEP
Billionaires' planes JETS
Blend together MESH
Brand-new UNUSED
Check all the boxes, theoretically LOOKGOODONPAPER
Clumsy fellows OAFS
Cozy corner NOOK
Crook, in cop lingo PERP
Diner song player JUKEBOX
Environmental sci ECOL
Food court's place MALL
French for "love" AMOUR
French wine valley LOIRE
Grateful response to a surprise party YOUGUYS
Greek fable writer AESOP
Gross, financially BEFORETAXES
Hoof sound CLOP
Ignore the advice at the starts of 17-, 23-, 39- and 51-Across DIVERIGHTINTOIT
It may hit a bull's-eye DART
Clues Answers
Jockey or cowboy RIDER
Kobe coin YEN
Late-night great Jack PAAR
Lemony Snicket's evil count OLAF
Little TINY
Make amends ATONE
Mentally sound SANE
Mine, in Marseille AMOI
Mojito alcohol RUM
Moment of forgetfulness LAPSE
Money put aside, for short IRA
Most crusty, perhaps STALEST
Most draftable ONEA
Move surreptitiously CREEP
Nile queen, familiarly CLEO
Not-so-cute fruit UGLI
Oliver Twist's request MORE
Pale yellow colour OCHRE
Pat-down org TSA
Practice boxing SPAR
Ranch employee HAND
Samsung product HDTV
Santa's little helpers ELVES
Say hi, in slang HOLLA
Seek divine guidance PRAY
Siri, to Amazon ALEXA
Sleeveless garment VEST
Slipper or sneaker SHOE
Small demons IMPS
Snacks that can be dunked OREOS
Soothing stuff BALM
Spike Lee's "She's ___ Have It" GOTTA
Test for some IRS workers CPAEXAM
Transported BORNE
Tree known for its scent PINE
Unfulfilling occupations MCJOBS
Use a peeler PARE
___ leches cake TRES