- Feb 10 2019

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Clues Answers
''Sesame Street'' grump OSCAR
''We wanna go also'' USTOO
131 Becomes fixed SETS
132 Windshield extra TINT
20, in Turin VENTI
2016 Olympics host RIO
22 Across part HOOD
32-piece game CHESS
90 Down wool source VICUNAS
Air race marker PYLON
Alpine song YODEL
Ancient Peruvian INCAN
Annoying a great deal DRIVINGTODISTRACTION
Annoying one PEST
Appear suddenly CROPUP
Application abbreviation NMI
Attach a button, say SEW
Baker's spice GINGER
Barely defeats EDGES
Be in a bee SPELL
Beatnik's ''Got it'' IMHIP
Beer holder STEIN
Beetles on the road, for short VWS
Big name in kitchen wrap ALCOA
Bloke CHAP
Bonnie of blues rock RAITT
Casual shirt style KNIT
Certain ''bar'' serving SUSHI
Comparative ending IER
Conks on the head BOPS
Cook-off creation CHILI
Cornwallis, at Yorktown LOSER
Deep-sea predator ORCA
Depend (on) RIDE
Did weed work HOED
Didn't allow DENIED
Draped attire TOGA
Drink demurely SIP
Dull noise THUD
Electric fan setting HIGH
Electronic document format PDF
Evaporated DRIED
Fairy tale monster OGRE
Flat-pack furniture store IKEA
Formal attire TUXEDO
French state ETAT
French word for ''word'' MOT
From a South American range ANDEAN
Gather the grain REAP
Gave the nod to OKED
Get acquainted with MEET
Get some seasoning AGE
Goulash, for instance STEW
High bond rating AAA
High IQ society member MENSAN
Highly skilled ADEPT
Holders of valuables SAFES
Houston baseballer ASTRO
Infomercial brand GINSU
Infrequently SELDOM
Interoffice communication MEMOS
Is durable LASTS
Italian Riviera city SANREMO
Itinerary term VIA
Japanese cartoons ANIME
Japanese soup noodles RAMEN
Laced up TIED
Lauder of cosmetics ESTEE
Little bit TAD
Little laugh TEHEE
Long-legged wader EGRET
Many a microbrew ALE
Clues Answers
Many a prof PHD
Melville title starter MOBY
Mink cousin OTTER
Muscle car option TTOP
Mystical glow AURA
Name-list shortener ETAL
Needing repair BROKE
Neither here __ there NOR
New version of an old film REMAKE
Non-studio, for short INDIE
Norse Zeus ODIN
Not following through with STOPPINGSHORTOFDOING
Novelist Wharton EDITH
Obligation DUTY
Oklahoma city ENID
One under 21 MINOR
Opt (to) ELECT
Out of style PASSE
Paid athletes PROS
Parents' road safety org MADD
Phrase of finality THEEND
Picturesque cave GROTTO
Place a bet WAGER
Pull back, with ''in'' REIN
Radiate EMIT
Readily available ONTAP
Recommend highly URGE
Refined 5 Across GENT
Rip off CON
Salt additive IODINE
Savory jelly ASPIC
Scholastic stat GPA
School for Charles' sons ETON
Self-esteems EGOS
Sense of style TASTE
Sheep sound BAA
Sierra Club cofounder MUIR
Slick, as a road OILY
Small flies GNATS
Snakelike swimmer EEL
Social media phenomenon MEME
Sources of shade ELMS
Splinter groups SECTS
Staff of stagehands CREW
Staying out of trouble STEERINGCLEAROFDANGER
Stir-fry request NOMSG
Sudden silence HUSH
Takeover announcement SALE
Telegraph inventor MORSE
Ten C-notes THOU
Testifying for prosecutors TURNINGSTATESEVIDENCE
Texter's ''Enough said'' TMI
That is: Lat IDEST
Took cover HID
Towers above DWARFS
Trade org ASSN
Traditional tale LEGEND
Transition period PHASE
Tune for a twosome DUET
Type of sparkling wine ASTI
Vaccine regulator FDA
Ventilates AIRS
Volleyball team complement SIX
Was winning LED
Waterproof covering TARP
Where some kids spend summers ATCAMP
Wilder's ''__ Town'' OUR
Winter garb PARKA
Work the aisles, informally USH
Wrath IRE
Yellowstone grazer MOOSE