The Sun - Two Speed - Feb 10 2019

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Clues Answers
10 tons in canvas shelter TENT
80s hairstyle MULLET
A senior teacher winning AHEAD
Acts, say, as reserve BOOK
Asian peninsula MACAU
Baltic state ESTONIA
Be present at ATTEND
Bivouac structure TENT
Black gold from Chicago, Illinois OIL
Charity leaflet HANDOUT
Come together UNITE
Delegation MISSION
Division SEGMENT
Donation HANDOUT
Duck's first teal out in river mouth DELTA
Fail to notice one on purpose MISSION
Fat landlord losing heart LARD
Firm, good, supplies machine gear COG
Fourth Greek letter DELTA
Fruit I found in entrance, pulped NECTARINE
Gem sent out is cut up SEGMENT
Grand confession from show-off? IMPOSING
Horse on inside of lovely corner NICHE
Household tools UTENSILS
Hungarian capital BUDAPEST
Insignificant worker COG
Kitchen implements strangely silent in US UTENSILS
Clues Answers
Large branch purchased? Not quite! BOUGH
Lubricate OIL
Northern nation into sea after eruption ESTONIA
Note grim emotive cases MEMO
One feels soldier needs girl back ANTENNA
Out in front AHEAD
Pasta strand NOODLE
Peach-like fruit NECTARINE
Prompt on time
Publicity campaign PROMOTION
Pushing for proposal PROMOTION
Ridicule LAMPOON
Safe not having weapon around hospital UNHARMED
Satirical work polo man rubbished LAMPOON
Say how to heat wine and fish MULLET
Scotsman with gold in gambling mecca MACAU
Shallow recess NICHE
Shoot a trouble-maker in European city BUDAPEST
Shortening LARD
Simpleton: silly old one NOODLE
Single element: energy needed to make one UNITE
Single man coming in punctually on time
Tome or edition BOOK
Tree limb BOUGH
Unscathed UNHARMED
When news is on, daughter to listen ATTEND
Written reminder MEMO