Family Time - Feb 3 2019

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Clues Answers
"... ___ he rode out of sight ..." ERE
"___ Flux" (2005 film) AEON
Adjoins ABUTS
Affirm as true AVOW
Almond or cashew NUT
Amount of laundry LOAD
Baby word or slime GOO
Back muscle, briefly LAT
Betting numbers ODDS
Bill-blocking measure VETO
Black, poetically EBON
Canary color YELLOW
Cast off EMIT
Catherine wed by Henry VIII PARR
Champion's flashing (2 words) VSIGN
Chum, for anglers BAIT
Coffee holder URN
Creative thought IDEA
Definitely not bad? GOOD
Dollar in some countries EURO
Dresden river ELBE
Elemental bit ATOM
Expel with force, like volcanoes SPEW
Explosive stuff TNT
Father, to a baby DADA
First letters ABC
Fleming the author IAN
Force units DYNES
Grp. that regulates cosmetics FDA
Gulp from a bottle SWIG
Hobbling gait GIMP
Hunk of clay GLOB
It's owed out DEBT
Keep an eye on TEND
Clues Answers
Kitty sound MEW
Large amount SCAD
Large Australian bird EMU
Low digit ONE
Lunch hour, often NOON
Mocked GIBED
Much more than an admirer IDOLIZER
Nearly silent "Hey, Mister!" PSST
Not female MALE
Observe SEE
Opera-house cheer BRAVO
Prior to now AGO
Quick to learn APT
Rice field PADDY
Rubber that meets the road TIRE
Shrine center topper FEZ
Sketched DREW
Skittish and nervous EDGY
Sleek, in car talk AERO
Small Indian hand drum TABLA
Small remnant DREG
Surprising plot turns TWISTS
Three biblical travelers MAGI
Title NAME
Tuck away STOW
Type of adult MAN
U-turn from in OUT
Velociraptor, for one DINOSAUR
Very excited AGOG
Volcano in Sicily ETNA
Weep SOB
Wingless extinct bird MOA
Word with "maniac" EGO
Yarn irregularity SLUB