USA Today - Mar 30 2019

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Clues Answers
'Heavens!' GOODGOD
'My goodness!' GLORYBE
'Odyssey' fruit LOTUS
'Orinoco Flow' New Ager ENYA
'Take this' HERE
'___ No. 1!' WERE
Agree with, as a sentiment ECHO
All MLB players PROS
Apportion, with 'out' METE
Ashtabula's lake ERIE
Bacteria that need oxygen AEROBES
Biblical pronoun THEE
Bicyclist's route PATH
Bit of genetic engineering SPLICE
Cement smoother TROWEL
Common mixer COLA
Corday's victim MARAT
Does in, slangily OFFS
Don't go anywhere STAYPUT
Down in the dumps LOW
Down in the dumps BLUE
Dropped the curtain on ENDED
Dwindles, as support EBBS
Eller, in 'Oklahoma!' AUNT
Fax or FedEx SEND
Fire sale caveat ASIS
Garment with an underwire BRA
Generally speaking ASARULE
Ghostly pale ASHEN
Give the heave-ho to OUST
Have no love lost for HATE
Having a tiff ATIT
Hoses down WETS
Isn't straight SLANTS
It had a pair of bears ARK
Italian white wine SOAVE
Kegger, e.g PARTY
Like a Hail Mary pass LONG
Like badly worn tires BALD
Clues Answers
Locale of a bygone wall EASTBERLIN
Locale of a wall called the Green Monster FENWAYPARK
Make the Top 40 CHART
Miller's material GRIST
Napoleon's fate EXILE
Needing a massage, perhaps ACHY
Neither ahead nor behind EVEN
Newly decorated REDONE
Nostradamus, e.g SEER
Not exceeding ATMOST
One of an urban fleet TAXI
Orlando attraction EPCOT
Platform for a drum kit RISER
Prefix with second or technology NANO
Produce hen fruit LAY
Proofreader's 'strike' DELE
Prove false BELIE
Put on a sulky face POUT
Radio noise STATIC
River of Rome TIBER
Runner who may 'hit the wall' MARATHONER
Sooty passageway FLUE
Sounded like a raven CAWED
Source of iron ORE
Space Needle city SEATTLE
Sports artist Neiman LEROY
Spreadsheet selection ROW
Stadium replaced by Citi Field SHEA
Thumbs-up vote YEA
Tourist shop buys TEES
Trailblazing Daniel BOONE
TV mag listing SKED
Up time on Wall Street BULLMARKET
Vice president before Ford AGNEW
Violent windstorm TEMPEST
Welcoming sign OPEN
Woman in a priory NUN
Word after Bay or gray AREA