USA Today - Mar 29 2019

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Clues Answers
'Anti-art' movement DADA
'Be patient' WAITABIT
'My treat' IMBUYING
'Runaround Sue' singer DION
A parental sibling AUNT
Aegean or Adriatic SEA
Alternative to Nikes REEBOKS
Annan of the U.N KOFI
Battery terminal ANODE
Beatnik's 'Gotcha!' IDIG
Bert or Ernie MUPPET
British spa city BATH
Bushel or peck UNIT
Civil War expert, e.g HISTORYBUFF
Conceals, as a card PALMS
Coral reef predators EELS
Court legend Arthur ASHE
Cutler's product KNIFE
Date regularly SEE
Design in a sleeve TATTOO
Dispute between rappers FEUD
Fantasy league tidbit STAT
Fifth Avenue retailer SAKS
Finger-pointer's cry YOU
Firefighter's assurance ITSOUT
Fraternal letters BPOE
Fuzzy-skinned fruits KIWIS
Gay Nineties and others DECADES
Gearshift selection LOW
Gig divisions SETS
Give or take ABOUT
Greyhound's terminus DEPOT
Grove makeup TREES
Guide to the night sky STARMAP
Handicrafts site ETSY
Hive builders WORKERBEES
Honcho in a firm LAWPARTNER
Hoppy brew, briefly IPA
Hurler's 16-Across ERA
Clues Answers
Jackrabbit, actually HARE
Judge, during a case TRIER
Keatsian tributes ODES
Lame, as excuses go POOR
Lead-in to fab or fix PRE
Lena who sang 'Stormy Weather' HORNE
Like street-corner pretzels SOFT
Locked down SECURED
Looked after TENDEDTO
Metric wts KGS
Mini-albums, briefly EPS
Money in Slovenia EURO
Moral fiber GRIT
Native of Greece HELLENE
Org. for advocates ABA
Pats down FRISKS
Pencil remnant NUB
Primitive abodes HUTS
Quiet time between classes STUDYPERIOD
Radio revenue sources ADS
Referee's reference Rulebook
Reggae's precursor SKA
Reply to 'You are not!' IAMTOO
Returns org IRS
Sci-fi gun output RAY
Seemingly forever EON
Self-referential, slangily META
Skinny-dip, say SWIM
Slow on the uptake DENSE
Some Wall Streeters, for short ARBS
Split, then unite ELOPE
Spumante source ASTI
Talk nonsense BABBLE
Took part in a cabal SCHEMED
Track transaction BET
Who's position FIRST
Word after gal or pen PAL
Zap with a phaser STUN