- Jan 31 2019

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Clues Answers
''Evita'' lyricist RICE
Agribusiness giant DEERE
Aid in illegality ABET
Antonym of ''accrue'' ERODE
Audible summons PAGE
Be analogous CORRESPOND
Big name at SpaceX ELON
Billionth, to start NANO
Boeing rival AIRBUS
Common sculpture TORSO
Cone holder FIR
Court governing org USTA
Dimensional measurement AREA
Diplomatic difficulties RIFTS
Disparagement SLUR
Dostoyevsky title character IDIOT
Early business programming language COBOL
Excessively TOO
Femur-tibia connector, for short ACL
First American downhill Olympic champ VONN
Fought off REPELLED
Garden spot BED
Give kudos RAVE
Grandson of Abraham ESAU
Heavy metal IRON
How aerobic fitness may improve STEPBYSTEP
How dinner plates are supplemented SIDEBYSIDE
How Shaw's reputation grew PLAYBYPLAY
How to plan a Disney World visit LINEBYLINE
In a group NOTALONE
Inactivity REST
Instead ELSE
Is over ENDS
Jefferson, religiously DEIST
Jumble HASH
Knighted drummer STARR
Knowing comment ISEE
Least innovative STALEST
Clues Answers
Liqueur flavoring SLOE
Loud buzzer BEE
Made a sharp bark YELPED
Mental block breakthrough IDEA
Migratory journey TREK
Movable feast EASTER
Name on much moisturizer ESTEE
Napper of fable HARE
Natural soother ALOE
Old Testament prophet EZEKIEL
One of California's Santas CRUZ
One with many fans IDOL
Organs in abdomens SPLEENS
Out of energy SPENT
Paycheck detail DATE
Picasso and Braque, originally CUBISTS
Rain-on-roof sound PITAPAT
Remain undecided PEND
Scissors sound SNIP
Shillelagh land ERIN
Something run up at a bar THETAB
Soviet moon-probe program LUNA
Structure seen early in ''The Wizard of Oz'' STY
Subtle vibe AURA
Suffix for law YER
Tailor's accessory TAPE
Talented ABLE
Talk about nothing YAK
Trillion, to start TERA
Tyre buyer BRIT
Unassertive SHY
Vast depth ABYSS
Very small aircraft DRONE
Vote seeker POL
Wide-eyed AGOG
Winnings TAKE
Works out a deal NEGOTIATES
Yeshiva study TORAH