New York Times - Jan 31 2019

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Clues Answers
'Didn't you get the ___?' MEMO
1986 Elton John love song NIKITA
68-Down with a '/' inside it LINCOLNSBIRTHDAY
68-Down with a '°' after it H2OSBOILINGPOINT
Aesir trickster LOKI
Alternative to TGI Fridays APPLEBEES
At least 35, for a U.S. president AGE
Book after II Chronicles EZRA
Bugs Bunny or Jessica Rabbit TOON
Bush critters ROOS
Cambridgeshire cathedral city ELY
Cancel NIX
Capital on the Dnieper KIEV
Carpet quality NAP
Carry-___ (some luggage) ONS
CD part DISC
Commercial lead-in to film LUCAS
Development sites WOMBS
Dispirited SAD
Economic crisis PANIC
Expire END
Exploit DEED
Fetching SEXY
Formal defense APOLOGIA
Former Disney exec Michael EISNER
Game show host with a shaved head HOWIEMANDEL
German 101 verb IST
Giggly outburst TEHEE
Hem's partner HAW
Holy ___ GRAIL
Homing (in on) ZEROING
Intelligible COHERENT
Lab instructors, often TAS
Leaves after dinner? TEA
Let in or let on ADMIT
Like 2001 ODD
Like many classical statues SEMINUDE
Med. insurance groups HMOS
Mishmash STEW
Move like a moth FLIT
Clues Answers
Not up or down TIED
Novelty singer/songwriter ___ Sherman ALLAN
Number between cinque and sette SEI
Old plume source EGRET
Once named NEE
One loitering IDLER
Palindromic number 212
Palindromic relative SIS
Part of a white script on a red can COCA
Pile for a record company exec DEMOS
Powerhouse in curling CANADA
Predecessor of the C.I.A OSS
Quinceañera attendee, perhaps TIO
Relative whose name sounds like a city in France NIECE
Right-hand page RECTO
Section of The Economist ASIA
Self-reflective question AMI
Sharp KEEN
Short drive SPIN
Snow White's housemates, for instance SEPTET
Soccer star Chastain BRANDI
Some I.R.S. forms W2S
Sporty auto feature TTOP
Standard NORM
Starting ASOF
Steak accompanier A1SAUCE
Suffix with psych- OSIS
Summation symbol, in math SIGMA
Symbol in the logo of the Democratic Socialists of America ROSE
Teaser that may include pluses and minuses REBUS
Term of address in 'The Wizard of Id' SIRE
Terse admission IDID
Ticker test, for short EKG
Timeshare unit, often CONDOMINIUM
Traditional OLDSCHOOL
Transpire OCCUR
Tropical black bird ANI
Vice ___ VERSA
Went on first OPENED