USA Today - Mar 21 2019

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Clues Answers
'Big deal!' SOWHAT
'Can't deny that' TRUE
'Come on in!' ITSOPEN
'Peachy keen!' NEATO
'Santa Baby' singer Kitt EARTHA
100% effort LEVELBEST
2007 Ellen Page title role JUNO
Abductor's demand RANSOM
Adam of 'Chicago Hope' ARKIN
Airport terminal queue CABS
Already in the mail SENT
Arthur Miller's Willy LOMAN
As it ___ (so to speak) WERE
Assembly-ready PREFAB
Bard's 'before' ERE
Bari's land ITALY
Barn door fasteners HASPS
Be nitpicky CARP
Bruce who played Dr. Watson NIGEL
Business traveler's purchase PLANETICKET
Capote, informally TRU
City north of Des Moines AMES
Cookout treat, informally WEENIE
Dance party VIPs DJS
Detective Pinkerton ALLAN
Deteriorate over time ERODE
Electrician, at times WIRER
Family nickname SIS
Finalize, as comic art INKIN
Fitness club worker TRAINER
Frank of the Mothers of Invention ZAPPA
Great time, slangily GAS
Having a childlike charm WINSOME
Heave-ho OUSTER
Is connected TIESIN
Jersey's utterance MOO
Kuwaiti leader EMIR
Like some saxes ALTO
Clues Answers
Make off with STEAL
Midnight fridge visits RAIDS
Mini-albums, briefly EPS
Mortar user MASON
Nary a soul NOONE
Neglect to include OMIT
Not undocumented LEGAL
Oil lamp feature WICK
One in a love triangle RIVAL
One side of the Urals ASIA
Ones to hang with PALS
Online gamer's annoyance LAG
Opposite of 'o'er' NEATH
Packed with up-to-date info NEWSY
Play-stopping call TIME
Precision marching unit DRILLTEAM
Rebellious Turner NAT
Regret bitterly RUE
Respire like a dog PANT
Ring around the moon HALO
Risk getting bleeped CUSS
Risky situation PERIL
Rite site ALTAR
Rode the bench SAT
Rorschach image BLOT
Sentry's shout HALT
Sleeping car assignment BERTH
Start of a triple jump HOP
Still-life fruit BANANA
Studio warning sign ONAIR
Targets for crackers SAFES
Tate Modern offering ART
The Congo, formerly ZAIRE
Toddler's glassful WAWA
Toon fan's collectible CEL
Up for grabs ANYONES
Vacationer's lodgings INN
Vietnam War correspondent Garrick UTLEY