New York Times - Jan 29 2019

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Clues Answers
'Ciao!' BYE
'Please ___' (secretary's words) HOLD
'___ the least I can do' ITS
Airport named for a president DEGAULLE
Apropos of ASTO
Arkin of 'Catch-22' ALAN
Banishees EXILES
Barred from competition, briefly DQED
Bit of volcanic fallout ASH
Boost after appearing on a certain old Comedy Central show COLBERTBUMP
Bottom of the barrel DREGS
Break free ESCAPE
Christmastime YULE
Column on a flight board, for short ETAS
Do some mountaineering CLIMB
DVR button REC
Empty talk not backed by action LIPSERVICE
Excedrin competitor ADVIL
Exchanges 'I do's' WEDS
Fine point NICETY
Forced into bondage ENSLAVED
German mark UMLAUT
Get, as from a will INHERIT
Get-up-and-go VIM
Gift for which you might reply 'Mahalo' LEI
Groceries holder BAG
Happening now, as a telecast LIVE
Holiday guest that a couple might fight over INLAW
In effect OPERANT
Kingpin on 'The Wire' MARLO
Like all natural numbers: Abbr POS
Lion in the heavens LEO
Liqueur with a licoricelike flavor OUZO
Luke Skywalker's home planet TATOOINE
Malia Obama's sister SASHA
Men's gymnastics event RINGS
Molybdenite, for molybdenum ORE
Clues Answers
Orange Muppet ERNIE
Paragon IDEAL
Payment of tribute? ODE
Play loudly, as music BLARE
Poker variant in which the worst set of cards splits the pot HIGHLOW
Practice swimming DOLAPS
Prefix with economics MACRO
Primitive kind of diet PALEO
Psychologist Alfred ADLER
Santa ___, Calif ANA
Screenwriter James of 'The African Queen' AGEE
Sedan alternative COUPE
Slender SLIM
Something traced to draw a turkey HAND
Sounds from a pet owner's lap MEOWS
Spanish rice dish PAELLA
Sport hinted at by the ends of 17-, 24-, 36- and 47-Across VOLLEYBALL
Sportsbook offering ODDS
Starting points in shipbuilding KEELS
Stockpile HOARD
Stumble around in a daze REEL
Symbol of the completion of the Transcontinental Railroad GOLDENSPIKE
Take some time to consider SLEEPON
Texter's segue BTW
The first 'B' of B&B BED
Toll method on the New Jersey Turnpike EZPASS
Toothpaste brand ORALB
Trendy food from the Andes QUINOA
Universal donor type, for short ONEG
Uno + uno DOS
Upper extreme, informally MAX
Use an oar ROW
Water with the Alps in its logo EVIAN
Whirler on a whirlybird ROTOR
Work without ___ ANET