The Sun - Two Speed - Jan 27 2019

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Clues Answers
Ace journey made in times past AGO
Almost broke cover SKIN
Caught cleric with diamonds in Split CREVICE
Cheat at cards and make a pile STACK
Cheerful UPBEAT
Dermis SKIN
Destroy completely ERADICATE
Dishevelled UNKEMPT
Dog had pig brought round SHADOW
Earlier AGO
English royal dynasty TUDOR
Evil area in Bastille ILL
Family describes 50 firings made here KILN
Firm supports unoriginal types COPIERS
Flinch or cringe RECOIL
Follow secretly SHADOW
Go after CHASE
Guiding light to join Tories? BEACON
Henry was one incredibly dour after time TUDOR
Imitators COPIERS
In canal, a motorboat, scene of Mexicans fighting ALAMO
Indisposed ILL
Clues Answers
Let out — or sublet maybe? RELEASED
Lethal drink knocked back roused drunk MURDEROUS
Liberated RELEASED
Maxim's dog in empty pub PROVERB
Met punk in a mess with matted hair UNKEMPT
Moscow citadel KREMLIN
Nuts like Mr Yeltsin ultimately seen here? KREMLIN
Optimistic pub arranged to have food UPBEAT
Phobia appears in wildlife area FEAR
Potter's oven KILN
Process involving choice when leaderless? ELECTION
Pursue husband in legal action CHASE
Remove monarch with a heartless order ERADICATE
Reserve some still water POOL
Rugby union back in top that’s garish LURID
Sensational LURID
Sets of steps LADDERS
Shrill cries when Yes LP playing YELPS
Shrink back in horror on meeting snake RECOIL
Signal fire BEACON
Small lake POOL
Sozzled saddler runs in tights LADDERS
Split with cathedral in stern manner SEVERELY
Terror FEAR
Texan battlesite ALAMO
Ultimate net value is adjusted EVENTUAL
Vote or ballot ELECTION
Wise saying PROVERB