New York Times - Jan 26 2019

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Clues Answers
#1 song at the end of October in 1962 MONSTERMASH
'Get ___' (1967 hit for the Esquires) ONUP
'How's it hangin'?' SUP
'Hush, now!' BESTILL
'It's a Wonderful Life' studio RKO
'Molto ___!' (positive reply in Italy) BENE
'One Thousand and One Nights' character GENIEOFTHELAMP
'Pass' NAH
'So ___' BEIT
'Without tradition, ___ is a flock of sheep without a shepherd': Winston Churchill ART
'___ World' ('Sesame Street' segment) ELMOS
A sidecar may be added to it BARTAB
Actor Giovanni of 'Avatar' RIBISI
Big name in weaponry BERTHA
Bring up, as an old grievance REAIR
By popular vote DEMOCRATICALLY
Calder Cup org AHL
Classic video game hero's catchphrase ITSAMEMARIO
Clear NET
Cocktails with Southern Comfort ALABAMASLAMMERS
Composer of 'The Bartered Bride' SMETANA
Confection with a hole in the middle BUNDTCAKE
Curry of the N.B.A STEPH
Dana of 'China Beach' DELANY
Dishonor SHAME
Emphasizes forcefully RAMSHOME
First, in Latin PRIMUS
Food that's eaten perpendicularly to how it's usually made TOAST
Founder of the Reform Party PEROT
Gets ready for dinner SETSTHETABLE
Going off ONARANT
Got misty, with 'up' TEARED
Clues Answers
Grocery chain that closed in 2015 after 156 years in business AANDP
Input on eBay BID
It comes in cyan, magenta, yellow or black TONER
Kind of moon NEW
Lead-in to science OMNI
Letters for potential college students ETS
Lo ___ MEIN
Much smaller relative of the rhinoceros TAPIR
Overshadow UPSTAGE
Party that's off the hook RAGER
Performed a pas de chat, e.g LEAPT
Pharmacy pickups, informally SCRIPS
Quiet MUM
Relative of aqua TEAL
Short cut that bypasses a canal? CESAREANSECTION
Sites of congestion SINUSES
Start of many a speech WELCOME
Statement in an old Apple ad IMAPC
The guy of your dreams? SANDMAN
They're better than all the rest WORLDBEATERS
Ticks SECS
Undergrad deg. for a creative type BFA
Underlying, as metabolism BASAL
Way behind on payments INAHOLE
Went bananas LOSTIT
Whip wielders, for short DOMS
Who stabs the beast in 'Beauty and the Beast' GASTON
Workers making preparations to retire? PITCREW
___ Fitzpatrick, author of the 2009 best seller 'Hush, Hush' BECCA
___ Genevieve (Missouri county or its seat) STE