- Jan 25 2019

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Clues Answers
''Hack My Life'' airer TRUTV
''Play it once, Sam'' requester ILSA
''The plot thickens!'' OHO
2018 jukebox musical subject CHER
Access granted ENTREE
Affinity grp ASSN
Assert formally AVER
Be jarring GRATE
Bottled (up) PENT
Bully's challenge MAKEME
Buyback agreement REPO
Cause for bowl roars TOUCHDOWN
Certain squash shot BACKHAND
Choral assignments SOLOS
Citi Field mascot MRMET
Conform AGREE
E. Germany, to locals DDR
Emmy winner as Carmela and Jackie EDIE
Entrance fee of a sort ANTE
Fertile Crescent land SYRIA
First of all ADAM
Forty-somethings, for short XERS
Fraud, for instance TORT
General known for poultry TSO
German court great GRAF
Get absorbed SOAKIN
Got to work ACTED
Gouda or Utrecht (17 Across, to 38 Across) DUTCHTOWN
Green shade OLIVE
Guys on some campaigns ADMEN
Herd youngster HEIFER
Hulking hoodlum APE
Ideally ATBEST
Inconvenient twist SPRAIN
Clues Answers
It might clean itself OVEN
Judicious SANE
Latter-day beginners NEWBS
Marching band sound OOMPAH
Mature ADULT
Monopoly owner HASBRO
Ninesome NONET
Non-studio production INDIE
Novelist Shaw IRWIN
Oodles REAMS
Overhead mysteries UFOS
Pack (off) SEND
Person of distinction NAME
Place to live ABODE
Presentation's organization FORMAT
Public OVERT
Put waves in CRIMP
Pyramid point APEX
Quartet at the Opryland Hotel ATRIA
Rather rotten rockers (21 Across, to 38 Across) HACKBAND
Rather stale OLDHAT
Really pack (it in) CRAM
Render unsound HARM
Retro refusal IXNAY
Rolled with the punches MADEDO
Rubbish collector ASHCAN
Shelley alma mater ETON
Small size MINI
Still sound INTACT
Succotash morsel LIMA
SurveyMonkey 2018 event IPO
The best AONE
Time, for wine AGER
Walls of some mazes CORN
What president was an only child? NOONE
Who to blame for the spoilage REVERENDSPOONER
With a crust, as pâté ENCROUTE