Jonesin' - Jan 22 2019

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Clues Answers
''Scuse me' AHEM
'Chandelier' singer SIA
'Enough already!' TMI
'N'est-ce ___?' PAS
'Swell!' NEAT
'Tell me ...' IASKYOU
'True, no?' AMIRITE
'Watchmen' director Zack SNYDER
'Why is this night different ...?' feasts SEDERS
2020 political event in Charlotte, for short RNC
Abbr. before a founding date ESTD
Anne of 'Donnie Brasco' HECHE
Aptly titled '80s film about BMX racing RAD
Archipelago feature ISLET
Ballet practice LEAPS
Cereal grain item OATSEED
Character whose headwear had a tag reading '10/6' MADHATTER
Completely broke ASSETLESS
Cub Scout pack leader AKELA
Distributed cards DEALT
Early movies SILENTS
Eavesdropping range EARSHOT
Employer of Africa correspondent Ofeibia Quist-Arcton NPRNEWS
English prep school ETON
Food service giant based in Houston SYSCO
Fulcrum for an oar THOLE
Idris of 'The Wire' ELBA
In ___ ('on paper') PAPYRO
Inits. for supplementary costs at a car dealership TTL
It's on a continuum SPACETIME
John Stockton has the most in NBA history ASSISTS
Journal opening DEARDIARY
Knightley of 'Atonement' KEIRA
La Paz currency BOLIVIANO
Leave behind STRAND
Clues Answers
Long-eared dogs BEAGLES
Macaroni shape ELBOW
Makes the scene COMES
Meme nickname of Turkish meat-seasoning chef Nusret Gokce SALTBAE
Muscle-to-bone connector SINEW
Musical genre for 1990s punk band Bikini Kill RIOTGRRRL
Mystical foresight ESP
Peace proponent DOVE
Peanut butter-based Girl Scout Cookie DOSIDO
Play ___ (cause mischief) HOB
Quindec- divided by five TRI
Ravi Shankar's instrument SITAR
RR station posting SCHED
Sch. at West Point USMA
Shied away, slangily JIBBED
Shiraz, for one WINE
Simple question type YESNO
Smartphone setting ALARM
Soldier's hairstyle CREWCUT
Some stone finds at archaeological digs ARROWHEADS
Sony competitor HITACHI
Sooner than soon ATONCE
Steers clear of SKIRTS
Stereotypical librarian admonition SHH
Still squeaking UNOILED
Tapper's home CNN
They shun most technology AMISH
Three-part flavor NEAPOLITAN
Titles differently RENAMES
Took the offer BIT
Two before Thu TUE
Velvet finish? EEN
Video game series where you follow the moves of onscreen characters JUSTDANCE
Western movie hangout SALOONBAR