Canadiana - Jan 21 2019

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Clues Answers
19th alphabet letter ESS
A gelling agent AGAR
Abstemious AUSTERE
African nation SOMALIA
Antenna AERIAL
Arab federation (acronym) UAR
Arab nation IRAQ
Arab overgarment ABA
BLT vendor DELI
Buddy PAL
Canada's largest deer ELK
Chess piece, condensed KNT
China's legendary chairman MAO
Collaborates with a crook ABETS
Depression FUNK
Eastern ruler IMAM
Faucet TAP
Frankenstein's monster IGOR
Fruit salt ENO
Gangrenous infection NOMA
German river EDER
Helios SOL
Incite EGG
Inuit oil lamp KUDLIC
Inuit portable shelter TUPIK
Inuit sled KOMATIK
Inuit woman's skinning knife ULU
Inuvit shaman ANGAKOK
John Colicose role in Star Trek KOR
King, in Rouyn ROI
Knockouts, for short KOS
Clues Answers
Lake between Ontario and Huron ERIE
Layers TIERS
Macaws ARA
Male humans MEN
Ms Mulroney MILA
Neatens TIDIES
Neither NOR
Noted baseball family ALOU
One who calls a spade a spade REALIST
Pranks LARKS
Prohibit BAN
Psychic powers ( Acronym ) ESP
Sack BAG
Sacred text MANTRA
Saline sea in eastern Europe ARAL
Signs, in a way INKS
Sri __ LANKA
Stellar ASTRAL
Swerved VEERED
Swiss river AARE
Tear to tatters REND
Territory (abbr.) TERR
Tibetan priest LAMA
Tropical palm tree ARECA
Unattractive person (var.) NURD
Under belly muskox wool for Inuit outerwear QIVIUT
Urban transit ( Acronym ) LRT
Whitetail or Mulie DEER
___ hitch ( Inuit's sled dog harness ) FAN
____ Kampf MEIN
_____ Smith ( World famous clown ) EMMETT