Universal - Jul 28 2001

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Clues Answers
''Our Miss Brooks'' ARDEN
Accessed (with ''into'') TAPPED
Acrobats' security NETS
Agent of the Vietnam War? ORANGE
Auction off SELL
Bakery fixture OVEN
Bio datum AGE
Blurbs ADS
Broad neck scarf ASCOT
Canceled a space mission ABORTED
Circuit device RESISTOR
Competitors FOES
Copier additive TONER
Do some housecleaning DUST
Doesn't just close SLAMS
Fair game PREY
Fairy-tale monster OGRE
Famed movie studio MGM
First-class AONE
Folding bed COT
Fruit drinks ADES
Fumble in the dark GROPE
Gets ready to break RACKS
Give life to Fred Flintstone? ANIMATE
Got it wrong ERRED
Grammy category RAP
Heat source SUN
Hence ERGO
Hentoff or Cole NAT
In the center of AMID
Inuit home IGLOO
Invitation word COME
Itchings and hankerings YENS
Keyboard key ENTER
Lacerated TORE
Light-producing devices LASERS
Like a feeble old woman ANILE
Clues Answers
More than enough AMPLE
Morocco's capital RABAT
Native Canadian CREE
Not suitable UNAPT
Nursery supply LOAM
Old alternative to Regular ETHYL
One making net gains? FISHERMAN
Overhaul REDO
Painful SORE
Peculiar ODD
Petty quarrel SPAT
Previn and Bernstein, for two MAESTROS
Quarters in quads DORMS
Reach one's goal ATTAIN
Resting upon ATOP
Roller coaster's island CONEY
Roman god of love AMOR
Russian city founded in 1716 OMSK
Sails close to the wind LUFFS
Seemingly forever EON
Set of horizontal lines RASTER
Shropshire sounds BAAS
Some museum sculptures TORSI
Source of misery BANE
Spew out EMIT
Spring purchase SEEDS
Strip the skin off FLAY
Subway entrance STILE
Swimming stroke DOGPADDLE
Travesty FARCE
Tropical fruit GUAVA
Twin-hulled boat CATAMARAN
Twine material SISAL
Very urgent DIRE
Weighing, in the manner of a butcher TARING
What a rolling stone will not be MOSSY
Without stopping NOEND
Word after latch or catch ONTO
Wynken and Blynken's partner NOD