The Times - Concise - Times Concise No 7864

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Clues Answers
Amuse; touch lightly TICKLE
Ancient area of Italy ETRURIA
Bright, lively ZIPPY
Charles —, author DICKENS
Colour (cloth) in a particular way tie-dye
Drink with bitters pink gin
Fall behind LAG
False accusation SMEAR
Feral US horse MUSTANG
Fire hose supplier HYDRANT
Group of activists CADRE
Group of languages including Welsh CELTIC
Helped AIDED
Clues Answers
In the recent past YESTERDAY
Material for jeans DENIM
Mixed across species INTERBRED
North African city TUNIS
One harmed by crime VICTIM
Precious stone TOPAZ
Printer powder TONER
Professional charge FEE
Repeated lines in verse REFRAIN
Small party eats CANAPES
Tapering flag PENNANT
That man's HIS
Wildly excited MANIC