USA Today - Mar 10 2019

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Clues Answers
'A Christmas Carol' boy TIM
'Ain't happenin'' NOPE
'Ben-Hur' setting ARENA
'Ben-Hur,' e.g EPIC
'Bury the hatchet' document TREATY
'Dang!' DRAT
'No ___, no foul' HARM
Actor's mentor DRAMACOACH
Alpha-Bits maker POST
Bread with hummus PITA
Brit's baby buggy PRAM
Business major's subj ECON
Campbell who sang 'Galveston' GLEN
Chubby Checker's dance TWIST
Claude who painted water lilies MONET
Clinched, as a victory ICED
Coastal South American capital LIMA
Colorer's need CRAYON
Common mirror shape OVAL
Cookie inspired by the Hydrox OREO
Diddly-squat NIL
Dixon's partner in surveying MASON
Do the hula, say SWAY
Do worse than place SHOW
Easily scammed sorts SAPS
Electrified sword EPEE
Ferris wheel units CARS
Foreign student's document VISA
Free tix COMPS
Gift box attachment CARD
Guinness offering STOUT
Handwerker of hot dog fame NATHAN
Holder of a low-paying job PEON
Jamaican cultist, for short RASTA
k.d. who duetted with Tony Bennett LANG
Kelly of TV talk RIPA
Kudrow of 'The Boss Baby' LISA
La Scala solos ARIAS
Leave unsaid OMIT
Clues Answers
Lecture attendee's jottings NOTES
Like potatoes for hash browns RICED
Links area TEE
Livy or Ovid ROMAN
Loveseat capacity TWO
Marching to the beat INSTEP
Marilyn Monroe facial feature BEAUTYMARK
Mount Rushmore nickname TEDDY
Mulled drink CIDER
Nevada's 'Biggest Little City' RENO
NYC cultural attraction MOMA
Place for a linchpin AXLE
Rip to shreds REND
School attended by 007 ETON
Shortens or lengthens, perhaps REHEMS
Sign of spoilage ODOR
Silk Road locale ASIA
Sixth-grader, typically TWEEN
Some time soon ANYDAY
Source of unattributed quotes (Abbr.) ANON
Stable worker GROOM
Suffix for the well-to-do AIRE
Sunken ship's locale SEABED
Sunni counterpart SHIA
Surgeon's wear MASK
Talked nonstop RANON
Talks like Daffy Duck LISPS
Texas flag feature STAR
The Beatles inspired one MANIA
The Grand Canyon, notably CHASM
Think the world of ADORE
Title role for Madonna or LuPone EVITA
Toll plaza site EXIT
Urban Dictionary fodder SLANG
Voice lower than mezzo ALTO
Went lickety-split TORE
Where cheese is found DAIRYAISLE
Where Obama once served SENATE
Winter tool SNOWSHOVEL